Being a student can be tough and stressful, but it does come with some rewards (aside from the degree, that is). Businesses know how students scrounge for extra cash to pay that looming tuition bill, and they have taken pity.

That’s right, your hard-earned dollar acquired through hours spent dishing up meatloaf surprise at your dining hall will get you further than you think. All you have to do is take advantage of student discounts.

What is this heavenly sounding deal? It’s a discount given exclusively to students. The price cuts are available in places you may never have thought to look, so keep your ID handy!

Get ready to have your mind blown as we share the secrets to saving money (for more nights out, of course) with these student discount tips:

Get a Student Advantage Card

The Student Advantage program is great for students. When you enroll, you receive a card that will get you discounts at a number of places. For instance, you can travel for a reduced cost on Amtrak trains, Lyft or get cash off at Target.

While the initial discounts may not seem like much, they certainly add up over time. Take a look at the list of participating businesses and see if you frequent any of them. If you do, you’re looking at lots of savings.

Always Ask

Many retailers offer a student discount but don’t advertise it. Even if you don’t see a sign displaying a “student discount” notice, ask the cashier. Certain grocery stores, clothing shops, movie theaters and restaurants accept student IDs as a means to apply a discount.

If you ask, you may also learn of a program the store offers. In that case, you might get a card for that store that will give you reduced prices when you check out in the future.

Talk to Your School

Many universities strike deals with surrounding businesses. The school sends students to the stores and the stores offer discounts for those students. Local gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., may work with the university.

If you’re not sure which businesses have a deal with your school, ask someone. For instance, your RA or student life staff might lend you some insight. Also, peek around your school’s website to see what information it can provide on student discounts.

Shop with Partnering Businesses

If your school does have some kind of partnership, make the most of it! Some schools have shops right on campus that provide students with discounted supplies. Check out your school’s tech store to purchase a discounted laptop and software instead of buying full price elsewhere. IT products can rack up quite a bill, so using a discount for them is especially beneficial.

Take Advantage of Amenities

Many students don’t think of their school’s amenities as a discount, but those things certainly are. From the university gym to the student prices offered for campus events, your school probably slashes prices for you. After all, you do pay tuition.

Instead of spending your money at a pricey movie over the weekend, see a play that the theater department is putting on. Your art department likely has gallery shows you can see for free or at a cheap price as well. Fill your time with activities you would have to pay for elsewhere. Once you graduate, you’ll miss all those opportunities for affordable and unique fun.

Get an Online Account

Some websites offer a student discount account. Take Amazon, for example. You can sign up for a Prime membership for a reduced price. Normally, you would pay $99 a year to get free two-day shipping on certain items, an increased Amazon Instant library, and free songs and books. However, students can have all that for less than half the annual price! Sign up for student Prime when you start school and you’ll save over time (especially if you buy your books online).

Check the Bank

Checking accounts typically cost money. You might pay an annual fee unless you have a certain amount in your checking account at all times. However, banks realize that college students don’t have the means to keep thousands in their accounts at all times, or pay the fee. As a result, the student account was born.

Ask your bank if you can get free student checking. You won’t have to worry about jumping through hoops just to save. Do note that many student accounts expire after four years, as the bank assumes you’re no longer a student. Take advantage while you can!

Using student discounts to make everyday purchases will help you save money in college. That extra dough is sure to save you a few hours of mopping up your cafeteria or making cappuccinos! What other discount strategies have you used during college?

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