On the surface, moving may not seem like a large expense. You’re just transferring all of your things over to a new apartment, right? But when you really start the process, there’s a lot of moving costs—like movers, rental trucks and packing materials. However, there are ways you can save money and a whole lot of frustration.

According to our friends at FlatRate Moving, the easiest way to save when hiring a moving company is to avoid peak days and times.

How to Save on Moving Costs - Infographic


Here are some other ways you can save on moving costs:

Plan Ahead

Moving consists of packing, preparing, traveling and setting up your new apartment. Start putting together a budget for all stages of your move to see exactly how much you’ll be spending during the process.

Make two columns to track estimated and actual expenses. This way, if you discover that something is much pricier than you originally thought, you can compensate by choosing a cheaper option in another area. By tracking what you’re spending, it’s easier to manage your money.

Eliminate Clutter

Fewer boxes means fewer things to move and less money spent on relocating those items. You’re often charged for the amount of things that you’re moving, so lose the clutter before you start packing.

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Sell, donate or throw away the things that you don’t really need or use anymore. If your couch won’t fit in your new living room, sell it for cash! And that oversized T-shirt you got at camp 5 years ago that you have yet to wear? Chances are, you won’t be wearing it anytime soon. Toss it.

Ask Around

Instead of buying packing materials like cardboard boxes, you can save ob moving costs be asking around. Your family and friends may have supplies that they no longer need. You can also visit your nearest recycling center or grocery store for some empty boxes or bags. While you’re at it, ask your loved ones if they wouldn’t mind helping you move. After all, what are friends for? Buy them a beer afterward and call it even.

Do the Packing Yourself

Instead of asking a professional to pack and unpack your things, do it yourself. You can call your moving company for information on DIY packing to protect your valuables during the move. You can use clothing to wrap things like dishes and glassware. This way, you’ll have some of your clothes packed up and you’ll be protecting your treasured belongings!

Research Before Committing

Oftentimes, movers and vans can have hidden fees and insurance, so be sure to research the costs thoroughly before committing. You don’t want to get nickel-and-dimed and spend more money than you intended.

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We suggest getting at least three estimates and asking plenty of questions to eliminate confusion before choosing a moving company.


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