Shedding Pets: How to Keep Your Apartment Clean

Your pets are adorable–but let’s be honest, shedding onto every piece of furniture in your apartment is not as cute. The hair from your furry friend, however, doesn’t have to stick around. There are some easy solutions that can help take your apartment from hairy to clean. Here’s how to deal with excessive shedding from your ball of fur:

Dryer Sheets

If you’re lucky enough to live in a pet-friendly apartment, you’re going to have to figure out what to do with all that hair. Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t match well with the rest of your interior design. This is where dryer sheets come into play. Not only do they make your clothes smell fresh, they also act as a magnet for hair, whether you’re cleaning furniture or picking it up off of the floor. And for an extra bonus? They leave a fresh scent wherever you use them. If you’re doing a load of laundry and you’re down to the very last dryer sheet–a used one will do the trick just as well as a new one!

Brush Regularly

Not only will your pet love being pampered, brushing your dog or cat can keep your home free of shedding hair, dander and even dirt. If you’re not the one brushing it off, it’s just going to end up on your couch, carpet or other areas of your apartment. When you take a brush to your pet’s fur, it takes oil off of the animal’s skin and coats the fur that’s there, making it more supple and less likely to fall out. Set a grooming schedule so you don’t go weeks without pampering your furry friend.


Before you even start vacuuming, you can give the carpet a light misting of water, which ups the static to attract hair. Then, use a stiff bristled brush to gather up the loose hair. Finish it off vacuuming.When you’re cleaning carpet, be sure to use pet vacuums with HEPA filters (a high efficiency particulate air filter) and motorized brushes for allergen removal and hair pick-up. With a device specifically made for picking up pet hair, you can walk on your carpet knowing you won’t track pet dander into other areas of your apartment.

Lint Roller

There’s nothing worse than taking a pair of pants out of your closet when you’re in a hurry only to find that it’s coated with hair. This is where lint rollers come in handy. Keep one close and go over the clothing to pick up any stray strands so you can be ready to walk out the door hair-free. You can do the same with your furniture–if you have guests coming over, thoroughly go over each piece with a lint roller to pick up what your pet left behind.

Re-think Your Pet’s Diet

The amount of hair that your animal is losing could be due to what it’s eating. A high-quality pet food is the first step toward reducing fur loss. The more easily digestible the ingredients are, the healthier your pet’s coat will be. You don’t want any mystery ingredients in there–if you wouldn’t eat it, neither should your dog or cat.

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