Should You Get a Pet With Your Significant Other?

You and your significant other experience lots of milestones throughout a relationship. There’s the first date, first kiss, first vacation away together and plenty more. One of those milestones for some couples involves getting a pet together. Going to the shelter and seeing all of those adorable furbabies may make adoption tempting, but are you both ready for this type of commitment?

It may not be a child, but that doesn’t mean that watching a puppy or a cat isn’t a full-time job. Here are a few ways to tell if you’re ready to take this exciting step with your significant other:

Prepare For the Future

No couple likes to think about breaking up. But if you’re both choosing to become a pet parent, this option needs to be explored. Although you don’t think splitting up is something that can happen in the near future, if it does, you need to have a plan for your pup or kitty.

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Sit down and have a talk with your significant other about what to do if this unfortunate situation arises. It may be uncomfortable, but it could save you some trouble down the line if things don’t work out.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Pets need to constantly be cared for. If you’re at work all day and then gone on nights and weekends hanging out with friends, getting an animal might not be the best option for your lifestyle.

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If you find that you do have enough time to care for a furry friend, it’s still important to have people on-hand that you would be able to call if you needed a dog walker or a place for your pet to crash for the night. Never automatically assume that if you don’t have time to feed the animal that your significant other will pick up the slack.

Talk About Responsibilities

Before you head to the pet store, you need to talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend about how you’re going to split up the responsibilities. Discuss who’s going to take Fido for walks at night, how you’re planning on paying for your furry friend’s food, and so on.

You should also go over apartment rules before your pet calls your place home. For instance, one person in the relationship may love having the dog up on the couch, but the other might not be as OK with that. Talking about these things beforehand will help you avoid these arguments later on.

Be Willing to Compromise

Getting a pet together means that both of you have to be willing to compromise. You may not be able to get your way when it comes to every argument or discussion. If both you and your significant other are willing to compromise and work to make each other happy, a new pet may be just perfect for you both.


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