Simple Recipes to Make Homemade Dog Treats

Many treats can be created with a few pantry staples and your dog will never know the difference.

It’s not unusual for dogs to develop food allergies or intolerances during their lives. By making homemade treats, you’ll be in control of all of the ingredients.

If you prefer to feed your dog all organic products, you can! Or if you want to avoid additives and chemicals, you certainly can when you’re making your own treats.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to make dog treats, here are a few links to get you started!

For a nut-free option

You can’t go wrong with Brie’s banana and honey dog treats.

These treats use bananas, honey and flour, plus a few extra items from the pantry. Your dog will love these simple treats that can be made with those extra ripe bananas you have at home.

For a wheat-free option

Try minty fresh dog biscuits.

If you’ve got a few extra herbs growing in the garden, this treat is a great way to put them to use AND for freshening your pup’s breath! Using oats instead of wheat, plus your herbs, you’ll get better breath and less flatulence from your canine.

For the meat and cheese lovers

Pups and humans both can’t get enough bacon. So your furry friend will absolutely love bacon cheddar dog treats.

Because seriously, what dog doesn’t like meat? And cheese is almost always loved by dogs! Put the two together for a savory treat with this recipe.

For a simple homemade dog treat

You don’t need to get all fancy for your homemade dog treats. If you want a simple option, consider homemade peanut butter dog treats.

These can be made into cookie-sized treats for your dog. Simple to mix, roll out, cut and bake! Whip out your favorite cookie cutters for extra cooking fun!

Once you figure out how to make homemade dog treats, you can get crafty with the type of ingredients you use. Don’t hesitate to try new food items (dog-friendly ones, obviously) and combinations to create some treats for your dog. When you make your own treats, you can rest assured that your dog isn’t being fed any unknown ingredients and he or she will be happier and healthier in the days to come!

Photo by Cheryl Senko on Unsplash



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