Moving supplies can really add up, especially if you’re moving out of state. Don’t start freaking out just yet! There are easy ways to cut costs, and one method is to find free moving boxes. Where can you find those, you ask? Here are a few ideas:

Grocery Stores

This method is tried and true. I would know; I’ve done it. Call up your local grocery store and ask if they have any boxes they plan to toss. They’ll tell you where to go and when you come in. When I moved out, the produce department found a few sets of boxes that had lids. When I arrived, I found my way to the back where a young grocer awaited me. We went through the boxes together and he pulled more that fit my needs. He even offered to load the boxes in my car! If one store doesn’t give you as many boxes as you need, keep calling around.


The best part about getting boxes from bookstores is that they are usually sturdy, as books get heavy. You can find out what day the store gets shipments and come in early to snatch a few boxes. Calling ahead is also an option and will help ensure they don’t throw them out before you arrive. These boxes will be perfect for heavy or fragile items.

Liquor Stores

These boxes will also be strong and are great for packing heavier items to take to your new apartment. Be sure to ask for a lid or the contents could fall out.


I worked for Starbucks at one point, and we had people ask for our boxes regularly. We just piled them up and when the person asking came in, we had them ready and waiting. You can ask for larger boxes, as Starbucks has a range of sizes. Also, be prepared to receive them already broken down. That just means you’ll have to have packing tape to put them back together. Just like with bookstores, call to find out when your local Starbucks gets a shipment  so you’ll have more boxes to choose from.


This site is a source for many random transactions and finding free moving boxes is no different. Take a peek under the “free” section and search “boxes.” In this case, you may never know what you’ll end up with, but you might just find exactly what you need. As always when using Craigslist, be careful!

Moving Companies

If you’re planning on using a moving company, talk to them and see if they have extra boxes laying around from a recent move. Other people who have used the movers sometimes leave boxes on the truck and the company has no use for them.


Schools with cafeterias get shipments of frozen foods for their students. Ask the school for any leftover boxes. Be sure to get the ones that held frozen food as fresh food boxes may attract bugs.

Between all these sources, you’re sure to find all the boxes you need to mitigate the costs of moving.



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