Learn how to evaluate an apartment complex’s security with these five steps.

1. Gated community

Many apartment complexes today have security that patrols the neighborhoods and make sure residents stay safe. Always ask what the security is like when you’re touring new complexes and always look for complexes that are gated.

Although it might seem rare to find, you’d be surprised at how many apartment complexes have gates. Any kind of gate or neighborhood security will ensure the community cares about your safety as a renter.

2. Good lighting

It’s no secret that a lot of crime occurs at night. For a woman who’s planning to live alone, it’s important to visit different apartment complexes at night. You’ll be able to get a true sense for what it’s like in the dark.

Look for an apartment that has multiple street lights, as well as lights in the parking lot lights and at the mailbox. The more lit up the complex is, the better.

3. Lock it up

Every apartment has different locks on their windows and doors. Some places might not even have locks on the windows.

When searching for your new apartment, ask questions about the types of locks and also test them all out. As a single woman living alone, you should always have secure door and window locks. Also, always make sure to change your locks when you move into a new apartment to ensure nobody else has a key.

4. Research crime

You’ll feel safer if you’re educated on what’s going on around you. Crime reports will tell you about what crimes have been committed in the area and if there’s anything you need to pay special attention to.

For example, during the holiday season, many apartment complexes encounter more car break-ins. This is something that would be listed in the crime report so you’re informed.

You can also visit your local police station and they can give you detailed information about the area you’re considering living in. They’ll let you know about the crime level and if they feel it’s a safe area for a single woman to live alone.

5. Walk around

By law, the apartment complex isn’t going to be able to release data and information regarding the type of personnel that live in the complex. However, you should always spend a few days walking around the complex, meeting neighbors and checking out the common areas to see if you feel comfortable.

If you feel anything less than safe, then it’s probably not the complex for you. There are a lot of important safety measures to take as a young woman apartment hunting and trusting your gut instinct is one of the most important.

Apartment hunting as a single woman can be difficult, but as long as you follow these protocols you’ll find a place that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

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