Living Large in a Small Space: Storage Solutions

Apartment living is great — but coming up with creative storage and decluttering solutions can be tough. How do you organize all of your possessions without feeling cramped in your space? Luckily, there are some clever folks on YouTube who have come up with some clever hack videos to show you exactly how it’s done.

Want to see a bumper crop of excellent storage and decluttering solutions all in one shot? Check out this video of 51 smart ideas for creating a palace out of a small apartment space.

Storage under the stairs? Under bed storage that doubles up as a dresser? Yes, it can work. Check out some great storage solutions in some of the smallest apartments on the net.

Apartment renters and IKEA generally go hand-in-hand, particularly if you’re in a smaller space. Let the experts show you exactly how to get the most out of your home, no matter what the size.

When it comes to your kitchen and bathroom, there never seems to be enough space. However, are you utilizing the back of your doors and cabinets? Getting creative with extra handles and shoe organizers? Watch on for the skinny on creating more space.

Who doesn’t love the dollar store for household items? Find out how you can maximize your space while minimizing damage to your bank account.

Maybe you thought you had this whole storage space game figured out. Think again. The fine folks over at Do It On A Dime keep coming up with the cleverest storage ideas you’ve never thought of.

Big cities usually mean small apartments. That’s okay — you just need to be smart about sorting out your storage. Check out folding compartments and other tips to make the most of it.

Do you have any clever apartment storage or space maximization hacks that we’ve missed out on? What tricks do you have up your sleeve? Chime in on our social feeds!

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