You can make their visit an incredible experience with just a few extra touches. Here are things you need in a spare bedroom to make guests feel like they’re at home.

1. Pillows and blankets

pillows on bed

This may go without saying, but having extra pillows and blankets are a must. Provide your guests with different options – include both a lighter blanket and a heavier one. Harder and fluffier pillow options are a nice bonus, as well.

2. Extra toiletries

toiletry travel bag

Nothing is worse than forgetting shampoo only to find that your host hasn’t left any for you to use. Have some extra shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, face wash, toothbrushes and toothpaste on hand specifically for your guests. This is a nice way to make guests feel pampered and less stressed if they forget some essentials!

3. Extra toilet paper

toilet paper in bathroom

Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

You probably know how often you go through a pack of toilet paper, but with extra people in the house, you should be prepared to go through more.

Have extra toilet paper on hand before visitors arrive so you don’t have to worry about any awkward situations in the event that you run out.

4. Luggage rack

luggage rack in room

Living out of a suitcase makes it difficult to keep your things organized. Having a foldable luggage rack will be helpful for your guests to keep their things in one place.

5. Local recommendations

person looking at list on piece of paper

Guests tend to have time alone to explore your city. Make their stay better by having a list of recommendations on hand so they won’t have to bug you while you’re at work to find out the best coffee shop.

6. WiFi Password


Write down the WiFi password and keep it in an accessible place. A little card on the dresser with the name and password is a perfect, easy way to keep your guests connected!

7. Towels

towels on a bed

Rather than having guests use your everyday towels, have a set specifically for guests. Put these in their room prior to their arrival so they know they’re for their use and don’t have to look around for them!

8. Bedside lamps

bed side lamps

Having lamps in your guest room are an extra touch to allow guests to feel at home. They provide a nice ambiance and are decorative, as well!

9. Coffee and tea

cups of coffee and tea

You don’t necessarily need to have a ton of extra food for your guests, but you should have basics like coffee and tea for them to enjoy in the morning.

10. Water

pitcher of water

Most people enjoy having water on their nightstand at night. Guests will surely appreciate having a glass and small pitcher with water already in the room.

11. Portable fan

portable fan

Some people like it cold at night and having an extra fan on hand – especially if you don’t have central air – is a really nice way to give maximum comfort to your visitors. This is even truer in the summer.

12. Space heater

space heater on floor

The same goes for heat in the winter. Don’t let your guests get cold – let them have control over the temperature with a mini heater.

13. Extra chargers

cell phone charger

Phones, laptops and tablets are bound to need charging. Forgetting a charger is a totally annoying thing that happens all the time. Plus, having enough outlets to keep all these things charged can be a problem.

Simplify this by setting up a charging station in your spare room. You can find cheap options on Amazon. Your guests will definitely thank you for providing this!

14. Air mattress

person pumping up an air mattress

Even if you have an extra room with a bed, it’s best to be prepared for more guests. Having an extra air mattress in your apartment will keep you ready for a lot of guests so you don’t have to turn people away!

15. Sound machine

white noise sound machine

Some people can’t sleep in the silence and rely on sound machines to have a perfect night’s sleep. Especially if you live in a noisy area, this is a great way to ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible.

16. Disposable ear plugs

disposable ear plugs

If sounds machines aren’t your thing, a less expensive option to avoid a noisy situation is providing disposable ear plugs.

17. Eye mask

woman sleeping with eye mask

Just as many can’t sleep in noise, others need complete darkness. Keep an eye mask in your spare room so your visitors can have total darkness during their stay.

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