How to Turn Your Spare Bedroom into the Ultimate Pet Palace

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom that you don’t know what to do with and also lucky enough to have a pet, you should consider transforming that spare room into the ultimate palace for your pet. After all, you might as well not waste the space!

Not sure how to turn your spare bedroom into a perfect pet oasis? Keep on reading.

1. Get creative with new furniture

dog on couch

It’s no secret that pets sleep a lot, especially dogs. Having a spare bedroom is a good start, but in order to make it the ultimate pet palace, your pet needs an awesome bed and fun furniture to play on.

If you’re on a budget, check out some of your local thrift stores and pick up a few pieces of furniture that your pet could both play and sleep on. Boom! You’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Many people don’t let their pets on their regular furniture so this room could serve as a dedicated animal jungle gym for your pets to utilize!

2. Consider adding custom pet art

pet art

Decorating your pet palace with pet artwork is a must. If you have kids, take one of the drawings from them (or yourself — this is a judgment-free zone) and frame it up for your pet room.

If you don’t have children and aren’t the artistic type, there are tons of companies that specialize in creating pet art. Pop your pup is a world-renowned company that allows you to snap a photo of your pet and create custom artwork within a few minutes.

The company will send you proofs within 24 hours that you can approve or edit before purchasing. You have the ability to create canvases, blankets, towels and so many other items. Your pet will love having lookalike artwork in his or her pet palace!

3. Buy new toys for your pet

dog toys

After you have the pet furniture in place, consider buying your pets a few new toys so they’re excited to spend time in their new pet palace. You can get a few bins that stay on top of the floor and fill them with all of your new pet toys.

Make sure they’re accessible to your pet. You don’t want to have to come in their room every hour to hand them a new toy.

4. Install hooks for all of their accessories

dog leashes on hooks

Install hooks in your pet palace and hang all of your pets leashes and collars on it. This way you can easily run out for a walk and won’t have to look around for their belongings.

The pet palace will be super organized with all of your dog’s toys and maintenance accessories.

5. Make it full of entertainment

cat watching TV

Adding in a sound system or installing a television on the wall could create another level of entertainment for your pet. You can put Animal Planet on during the day while you’re at work and let your pet relax and watch some television.

You can also install a Bluetooth sound system and keep music on regularly for your pet.

6. Get a pet cam

security cam

Now that your pet has everything they could possibly need in their room, consider getting a pet cam. When you leave the house, you won’t have to worry about what your pet is doing and if they’re OK.

There are tons of inexpensive options that will allow you to watch your pet at any time of the day. If you want to get fancy, Furbo Dog Camera has two-way audio so that you and your pet can actually communicate with each other. It can also dispense treats. Check them out if you’re interested in installing a pet cam in your pet palace!

7. Create a safe space

pet chewing wire

When all is said and done, you want to ensure that you’ve created a safe space for your pet. Make sure to store hazardous materials out of reach from your pet so they don’t choke on anything.

Double check the room for safety before finalizing your pet palace! After that, you should be ready to introduce your pet to his or her new palace!

Your pet deserves the best

I bet you didn’t realize all the things you could do to create an awesome pet palace for your beloved pet! We all love our pets and want to give them the best lives possible, so don’t waste a spare bedroom! Use that space to create the ultimate pet palace.

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