Tampa Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

Not to mention that Tampa/St. Petersburg were listed as one of the top 25 cities for young professionals by Forbes magazine in 2017. But before you pack up and move, you’ll want to pick a neighborhood that suits your professional lifestyle.

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For instance, if you’re young and wish to focus on your career, you probably don’t want to move into the suburbs with a bunch of families and elderly neighbors. Instead, you might be looking for something more upbeat with people your own age. We’ve got a few Tampa Bay neighborhoods that are perfect for young professionals:

Hunter’s Green

Hunter’s Green, located in New Tampa, is a popular community among the younger generation. It’s filled with a number of different residences, from apartments to townhouses to condos. There are plenty of entertaining amenities, so you’ll always have something to do.

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Play tennis under the lighted courts at night with friends, start a game of volleyball with a group, or exercise on a scenic jogging path. There’s even a country club where you can play golf, swim and dine.

Downtown St. Petersburg

Downtown St. Petersburg has a great mix of young professionals and families, as its amenities attract both groups of people. There are two college campuses in the area–St. Petersburg College and the University of Southern Florida St. Petersburg–which offer plenty of jobs in education.

There are also copious amounts of restaurants, commercial offices, museums, churches, hotels and a number of scenic views. There are always events going on, like fireworks on the Fourth of July, various music and art festivals, and Saturday morning farmers markets where you can get fresh produce.

South Tampa

If you moved to Tampa for the beautiful waterfront views, you might want to think about relocating to South Tampa. This neighborhood encompasses a few areas, including Hyde Park and Bayshore.

South Tampa is an extremely walkable neighborhood–it even has the Bayshore Boulevard, which is said to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. Residents use it to bike, jog and walk their dogs. This neighborhood has an extremely active nightlife, with streets filled with festivals, bars and live music events.


If you’re looking for an environment that’s trendy and targeted toward a younger generation, the SoHo neighborhood in the city of Tampa may be exactly what you have been searching for. It offers plenty of opportunities for both work and play.

Beautiful loft apartments are just steps away from movie theaters, restaurants, trendy boutiques and fitness centers. If you’re a nature lover, Hyde Park Village offers a pet-friendly park and plenty of scenic views.

Join a Meetup Group

Looking for the insider scoop on finding great neighborhoods for young professionals? Get your info straight from the source when you join a meetup group! Meetup groups are great ways to network with other people just like you. Who knows, your potential new roommate might be out there waiting for you…so get out there!

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Tampa has beautiful weather year-round, which means you can enjoy parks in any month.

Tampa has beautiful weather year-round, which means you can enjoy parks in any month.

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