Dog Days of Summer: Making Your Apartment Pet-Friendly

You’re not the only one who gets uncomfortable when the summer months bring heat and humidity. There’s someone else who you have to look after as well: your pet. You think you’re hot now? Imagine having to go through the summer months with a fur coat on the whole time. Help your furry friend experience relief from the dog days of summer by making your apartment pet-friendly this summer.

Create a Cool Go-To Space

Dog Days of Summer Making Your Apartment Pet-Friendly - Create a Cool Go-To Space

Renting with pets means you have to design your apartment around their needs as well as your own. Select a room in your apartment where your pet can escape the dog days of summer.

My friend’s dog, for instance, used to always lay down in the bathroom when it was particularly hot outside– he loved the coolness of the tile floor. Give your pet a place to escape the heat, too! When there’s a fresh breeze blowing outside, open a window to allow that air to come into your apartment and cool down your dog or cat.

However, make sure that the screen over your window is secure enough that your dog or cat can’t push through it. If the designated space has tile or wood floors, you should consider removing the rug. This will allow your pet to lie down on the cool surface without overheating.

You can also consider using sun-blocking curtains. They prevent the sun’s rays from over-heating your apartment, keeping the space cool and comfortable. Put your dog’s or cat’s favorite toys in this designated “cool room” to help them feel happy and at ease

Prep Your Kitchen

Dog Days of Summer Making Your Apartment Pet-Friendly - Prep Your Kitchen

Stock your kitchen with all of the ingredients that you need to make frozen dog treats. I mean, if you get to enjoy ice cream and popsicles during the summer, why can’t your dog?

Whip up peanut butter popsicles by mixing 1 cup peanut butter with some water and half of a ripe, mashed banana. Spoon the mixture onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet and freeze them overnight. Next step: Watch your dog devour them with a look of pure joy on his adorable face. 

You can even do something as simple as suspend treats in a bowl of frozen water. Your pup will have to lick the ice to get down to the treat in the middle. This will keep him plenty hydrated and cool (not to mention very happy).

Keep Them Hydrated

Dog Days of Summer Making Your Apartment Pet-Friendly - Keep them Hydrated

It’s crucial that Fido and Fluffy stay nice and hydrated throughout the day, just like you. Set an alarm on your smartphone each day to remind you to fill up their water bowl. You should place the bowl in a location that’s easy for your pet to access, like on the kitchen floor or in the entryway of your apartment.

At the end of each day, make sure to clean that bowl. Bacteria can grow inside of it, causing your pet to get sick, so clean your pet’s bowl just like you would clean your own dishes. 

If your pet doesn’t usually drink a lot from their bowl, consider feeding them wet food. This type of food offers much more moisture than dry food, and keeps your pet happy, healthy and hydrated. 

Should you and your furry friend decide to take a hike through the woods or go for a long walk through the neighborhood, make sure that you bring some water along. Take a few water bottles and a bowl, and give your pup a chance to hydrate.

This will keep him refreshed and give him ample energy to keep up with you throughout the rest of your summer adventure. If you’re taking a long walk through your neighborhood, stop by pet-friendly establishments. Some outdoor bars and restaurants set out water bowls specifically for dogs.

It’s Time For a Grooming

Dog Days of Summer Making Your Apartment Pet-Friendly - It's Time for Grooming

Every time summer rolls around, I get the urge to cut my hair a few inches shorter. Doing so gives me a fresh look for summer, but it also cools me down when the temperatures get hot. If Fido or Fluffy had the ability to head down to the salon and style their coat, they would probably do so because grooming can keep them cool during the summer.

Keep your furry friend comfortable by scheduling regular groomings to get rid of excess fur. Your apartment should be stocked with brushes so you can promote a healthy coat and keep shedding to a minimum in between groomings.

If you’re not sure how long or short to cut your dog’s or cat’s coat, speak to your veterinarian– they will be able to tell you the appropriate length. While you’re at it, have your vet give your pup or kitty a regular checkup. This will make sure that your pet didn’t pick up any summertime parasites.

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Making Your Apartment Pet-Friendly for Summer

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