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08.23.2018 | 1 Minute Read | By Timothy Harris

Whether you take the elevator at work or live in a building with an elevator, we’ve got your back. Read along to find out more about elevator etiquette – you might learn something surprising.

Let people off before you get on

If you live in a city with public trains, you’re familiar with this simple social rule.

If there’s someone getting off an elevator, let them off before you get on. Following this rule makes loading and unloading an elevator much more efficient.

Keep the conversation minimal

Talking in an elevator is a highly debated topic. It’s not outlawed, but in many instances, it can be a faux pas.

If you’re boarding an elevator with a friend or coworker, you should pause the conversation until you exit the elevator – or at least keep the conversation minimal and light. Avoid discussing anything sensitive in an elevator full of people.

If you’re alone, a simple greeting is best. A polite nod and a slight smile will go a long way.

Fun fact: Did you know July 27 is Talk In An Elevator Day?

Put your best face forward

This one might be obvious to most people – face forward while riding an elevator.

If you face another passenger on the elevator, you run the risk of making them extremely uncomfortable. It’s widely understood that all passengers in an elevator should face the door.

Be as small as you can

In a busy elevator, every inch of floor space matters. Minimizing your physical footprint is a part of good elevator etiquette.

Keep your belongings near your feet or by your side, and avoid pacing or twitching so that you don’t unnecessarily come into contact with any other passenger.

Another tip for remaining small in an elevator is to avoid your phone. You take up far too much space holding it at your ear or in front of you scrolling social media. Keep your arms by your side until you exit the elevator.

Be pleasant – both in person and in odor

Your social interactions are not the only important part of elevator etiquette. Riding in an elevator means you’re in close quarters with other passengers, so it’s important to pay attention to your hygiene.

Quietly chew a piece of gum or use a breath mint. Don’t forget your deodorant. And, if you’re coming from the gym, maybe opt for the stairs. Your fellow passengers will appreciate you.

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