27 Things About Mobile That Everyone Knows to Be True

Although some of those stereotypes MIGHT be true, they aren’t the only defining features of Mobile. Locals also know it as a vibrant, quirky, little port city with something for everyone — as long as you can stand the humidity.

Real Mobilians also know these 27 things

1. How it’s pronounced. Mo-BULL is a phone, Mo-BEEL is a city.

2. Let’s get it straight, once and for all. Mardi Gras really did start in Mobile.

3. While we’re on the subject of Mardi Gras, Joe Cain Day is where it’s at. Fat Tuesday is amateur hour.

4. A MoonPie improves a thousand-fold after a few seconds in the microwave.

5. Only children and tourists pick up Mardi Gras beads off the ground. Catch it or lose it.

6. When someone asks you where you went to school, you know they mean high school.

7. You have a 6th sense for which tunnel to take and whether to take the Causeway, and you’ll believe that new bridge when you see it.

8. You boycott any event that moves from Downtown to the Fairgrounds. And it’s effective because Chili Cookoff is back!

9. You saw Widespread Panic, Stone Temple Pilots and Ludacris at BayFest.

10. Whether you call them “crawfish” or “mudbugs,” you definitely point and laugh at anyone who calls them “crayfish.”

11. The best weather in Mobile is that one week in November and that other week in April.

12. “Winter” happens for about 14 nonconsecutive days in January and February, with 70 degree days in between.

13. Swimming in the Bay in the summer will not cool you off, but a trip to the Cold Hole will.

14. Auburn or Alabama? You have to choose.

15. This may be Braves country, but it’s definitely not Falcons country. WHO DAT!

16. The most important hurricane supplies are booze and ice.

17. You know how to drive in rain and you can spot the out-of-towners in an instant during a downpour.

18. You avoid Airport Blvd. like the plague.

19. The sidewalks in Midtown are coming for your ankles.

20. ANYTHING is an excuse for a party. After all, we were Born To Celebrate.

21. Ceiling fans on the front porch are essential.

22. Foosackly’s has the best chicken fingers, the best sauce and the good ice.

23. You have a firm opinion on whether Callaghan’s or Butch Cassidy’s has the best burger in town, but you probably eat at both.

24. You’ll never trust Carnival Cruiselines after the Poop Ship debacle.

25. You can still get to the airport 30 minutes before your flight like it’s the 80s.

26. You don’t need to Google who won last night’s high school football game — just drive by the Cannon.

27. You’re glad to be in on the secret: Mobile has great food, tons to do on the water, cute historic houses, little traffic and it’s SO CHEAP TO LIVE HERE.

Did we forget anything?

There are so many unique traits about Mobile (what other city celebrates Mardi Gras by banging bladders?) that we’re sure we left something out. Let us know what we forgot in our comments!

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Priscilla Belle JenkinsPriscilla Belle Jenkins wasn't born in Mobile, but she got here as quick as she could. She once coordinated logistics for a cross-country hedgehog relay, and her Popeyes karma is always positive. She can be found tweeting at the intersection of college football, musical theater, southern food (@GovWLePetomane) and amplifying progressive Alabama voices (@MakeALBetter).

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