24 Things Everyone From San Diego Knows to Be True

America’s Finest City truly is fine, but experiencing San Diego as a local is much different than as a tourist.

Find out what everyone from San Diego knows to be true before you visit.

Only real San Diegans know these true facts

1. The best tacos are from hole in the wall restaurants that you’d otherwise pass by. Sometimes with bars on the windows.

2. You have to hike to get to the best beaches.

3. May gray and June gloom is a real thing.

4. Stay off the roads when it rains. Just trust us.

5. Finding a San Diego native is rare.

6. Slo Mo is not just a speed. Slo Mo is a man who spends his days rollerblading up and down the Pacific Beach boardwalk.

7. Public transportation is available, but far from convenient.

8. Don’t trust a taco that’s on a flour tortilla. If it’s not on a corn tortilla, it’s not legit.

9. Speaking of tacos, they should have just three ingredients: Meat, slaw and salsa or white sauce. NO cheese.

10. Don’t drive to Balboa Park. Always ride share. Parking is a nightmare.

11. Sea World is not worth the trip, but you cannot miss the San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park.

12. Just because the trailhead starts from a neighborhood, doesn’t mean the hike won’t be great.

13. The Balboa Park December Nights (Christmas lights festival) is a nightmare of too many people and no parking. The Mission Bay Christmas Boat Parade of Lights is where you want to be — and you can bring your own food and drinks.

14. The best steak you’ll ever have is Cardiff Crack. It will ruin all others for you.

15. Comic-Con is just as fun to walk through. You don’t need an expensive ticket to enjoy the people watching and free events.

16. We don’t lay out on the beach all day. We work, just like you.

17. San Diego has winter. It may not be cold to you, but 65 degrees is cold for us.

18. The seals are fun to see, but they smell really bad.

19. Opening day at the Del Mar Racetrack is as fun as it looks. Big hats, fancy dresses and expensive drinks make for a memorable day of horse racing.

20. The Little Italy Farmer’s Market is the best there is. Bonus: There are so many free samples, you can eat breakfast for free.

21. The $2.50 fish tacos at Bravo’s Mexican Cantina in Ocean Beach, paired with a shot of tequila and a glass of Tecate (all for the same price of $2.50 each), is the best Taco Tuesday deal around.

22. The drive back to San Diego from L.A. is all you need to see to know which city is the better of the two (Hint: it’s San Diego).

23. The most scenic park in San Diego is Kate Sessions Memorial Park. You can see all of San Diego and play with a bunch of pups while you’re at it.

24. Avocado is on everything. It’s just what San Diegans do.

You stay classy, San Diego

How did our list shape up? Let us know what we missed in our comments below!

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