15 Things Everyone from San Francisco Knows to Be True

If you’ve lived in Frisco for a while or are just getting accustomed to Northern Cali living, these are 15 realities every local knows to be true. Oh yeah, and don’t call it Frisco.

How to tell if you’re really from San Francisco

1. Sticker-shock, smicker-schmock. You’re immune to sky-high rents and don’t bat an eyelash when you hear someone pays $3,200 a month for a studio apartment.

2. Speaking of which, you’re used to being asked: “Isn’t it sooo expensive?” Yes, it is. It’s so expensive that whenever you visit a town in middle America, you can’t help but to make mental notes of how cheap everything is.

3. Oakland is like the West Coast version of Brooklyn. It’s just one short bridge ride or ferry ride away from SF but you’ve never ventured out because it’s “way too far.”

4. Riding in cable cars means you’ve got visitors. You want to show them a good time, so you brave the crowds and ride in a cable car, visit Alcatraz and go for a windy bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. These are all activities you’d never do on a normal weekend.

5. You frequently have conversations with other SFers about the best farmers markets, hikes and brunches in the Bay Area. And you may feel compelled to one-up the other person.

6. Speaking of brunch — you know the typical brunch pretty much follows this schedule. Meet up with your pals at 10:30 a.m., stand in a line for a minimum of one hour and bookmark more bunch places on Yelp while you’re in line.

7. You’re an SF acronym pro. You know what BART, SOMA and FiDi are short for.

8. Casual Carpool is awesome. Hopping into a stranger’s car and paying them a dollar to breeze through the carpool lane on the Bay Bridge may seem odd, especially because it’s not an Uber or Lyft. But Casual Carpool is all about bypassing massive morning traffic to get into the city and is an awesome way to avoid BART.

9. Normally, seeing poop on the sidewalk isn’t a big deal when living in a big city. In San Francisco, however, the source of poop on the street is always questionable. Dog or … human?

10. You have lengthy debates about your favorite coffee house. Ritual Roasters or Andytown?

11. Everyone who lives in the city understands the term “micro-climates.” One tiny part of the city can be cold and foggy while a few blocks down it’s sunny and warm. This is why SFers are never without a jacket, which is a grey zip-up fleece from Patagonia.

12. Yes, there are beaches here, but it’s not what you’d expect. No one is frolicking in the freezing water, unless you’re a serious surfer armed in a wetsuit. The beaches are mostly a place for walking or hanging out with your dog.

13. Without a doubt, you heart Sausalito and the magical towns just across the Golden Gate Bridge.

14. During baseball season, wise SFers check the game schedule to avoid getting caught in traffic after a game lets out. Hopefully it’s a winning game. Go Giants!

15. You know where everyone works. It’s normal to see people walk the streets of FiDi with startup company logos stitched across backpacks or the front of shirts and hoodies.

How’d we do?

Fellow SFers, what did we miss? Chime in below in the comments to add to this list!

Photo by Parker Gibbons on Unsplash
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