14 Things Everyone From Tampa Knows to Be True

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been living in Tampa — or the greater Tampa Bay area — these are undeniable truths that cannot be denied.

Proven facts and truths about Tampa

1. Anything below 65 is WINTER, and we get to wear our hats and jackets. But we do mostly insist on wearing them with flip-flops.

2. Have umbrella, will travel. Because if it’s summer, it’s going to rain at some point between 2 and 6 p.m.

3. Gasparilla is our Mardi Gras. Only it’s cooler. Because pirates. Also, you’re already planning next year’s outfit.

4. Cuban everything! Miami may be more famous for it, but Tampa’s Cuban connection dates back to the 1800s. “Cigar City, anyone?” Also, our Cuban coffee and sandwiches — the latter has Genoa salami, of course! — are the best.

5. It’s “St. Pete” or “St. Pete Beach.” These, by the way, are two different cities. Almost no one says St. Petersburg. And we’re never calling it “the ‘Burg.”

6. Speaking of St. Pete, you’ve been to classic car or bike night at Biff-Burger.

7. St. Pete’s Jannus Live is one of the coolest outdoor music venues EVER.

8. GO BOLTS!!!! (Now let’s never speak of this year’s playoffs again…)

9. Sangria de Cava at Columbia!

10. If you have a dog, you’ve taken it to Honeymoon Island Dog Beach.

11. Brocato’s Deviled Crabs are next to none.

12. The best kind of boats are other people’s boats. And you’ve gone to a bar on one.

13. Not only have you eaten at Frenchy’s, you’ve gotten the cocktail passport T-shirt at least once.

14. Tampa Bay’s beaches are unparalleled. Don’t believe us? Clearwater Beach just won Trip Advisor’s “Best Beach in America” title for the second year in a row!

So, what’d we forget?

Any other facts about Tampa that we failed to mention? We’re sure there are a few! Leave them in our comments below.

Photo by Julie Tupas on Unsplash
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