3 Things to Know About Pet Agreements

A pet agreement is a rental contract for your pet. It outlines the rules by which you and your pet must abide while living in the rental property.

1. Your pet can’t live with you unless you’ve signed one

Very rarely will you find a rental property that allows pets without a pet agreement. Pet agreements protect the landlord’s property by laying down rules and conditions, such how much you’ll pay for the monthly pet fee and what would happen should your pet damage any part of the property.


2. There are restrictions

Pet agreements may contain a variety of restrictions and limitations. Such restrictions may include the number of pets living at the rental property, the type and breed of pets and where pets are and aren’t allowed on the property.

This is to keep the property from being overrun by animals, which causes extra wear and tear and could potentially ruin the property.

3. You’ll have to pay

Like any other rental agreement, a pet agreement will come with extra fees to pay. These fees usually include a pet deposit, which is like a security deposit, and monthly pet fees, which is like pet rent.

Is it worth signing a pet agreement?

If you want your pet to come along with you, then signing a pet agreement is worth it. Keep in mind that it’s just like your rental agreement and since your pet will also be a tenant, it’s only fair that they have their own rules with which they must comply.

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