Tips For Choosing an Apartment Floor Plan

When searching for your dream apartment, you’ll likely be thinking about the amenities you want. While it’s important to keep those features in mind, don’t forget about the floor plan. The layout of your apartment should support your personal hobbies.

Remember these tips during your apartment search to choose the right layout to fit your lifestyle:

Floor Plan for the Social Butterfly

If you’re a social person with tons of friends, you may enjoy entertaining in your home. When apartment hunting, be sure the flow of the space supports your dinner parties. You’ll want an open floor plan that doesn’t restrict the conversation to different rooms.

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A loft-style space is perfect for someone who entertains, because you can interact with guests in the living room as you wrap up the meal in the kitchen.

Floor Plan for the Home Chef

If you love to cook, you’re going to want an apartment floor plan with a spacious kitchen and dining room area. Make sure you have plenty of space to store your cookware and spices–and enough counter space to prep and cook.

Floor Plan for the Telecommuter

Those who work from home on a part- or full-time basis need a suitable space to set up their office. Depending on your working style, you may want an entire room or just a corner of your apartment dedicated to the workspace.

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If you are going to live on your own, look for an apartment with a nook or bay in the living room. This creates the perfect place for a workspace that isn’t cramped in a small room. However, if you will share your apartment with roommates or family members, make sure there is a den or extra bedroom you can convert into an office so you’ll have no interruptions.

Floor Plan for the Bookworm

Avid readers need a cozy space to enjoy their favorite books and magazines. So if being able to enjoy your favorite novels is crucial to your lifestyle, keep that in mind while apartment searching. Look for a place with large windows in the living room that allow lots of natural light to flow in. The space should be large enough to slide a loveseat or armchair near the light source and fit a bookshelf nearby.

Floor Plan for the Crafter

It’s important for home crafters to have lots of space to work and store their tools. Most people don’t have an entire room dedicated to do-it-yourself projects, so they end up converting a space that is set up for another use.

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Dining rooms and kitchens are the best places for this because the tables provide a large working surface. Make sure you find an apartment that has enough square footage for an armoire or cabinet in these rooms so you can store your crafting supplies hidden away from everyday view.

Floor Plan for the Sports Fan

The living room is the most important component of a sports aficionado’s home. It needs to be large enough to fit a widescreen TV and possibly even a high-quality sound system. Additionally, the space will have to fit a large sectional sofa or smaller groupings of sofas and chairs. Make sure there is space for a coffee table to set the sports fans’ drinks, snacks and sweets on.

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Choosing a Floor Plan

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