01.15.2019 | 2 Minute Read | By Timothy Harris

Whether it’s just down the street or across the country, leaving home can cause some unpleasant emotions. Even if you’re excited about your new home, you may experience what’s called relocation depression.

Follow our tips to battle relocation depression and you’ll likely have an easier time transitioning.

1. Get some exercise and fresh air

person exercising outside

Exercise and the outdoors are a great combination for improving mental health. If you experience some degree of relocation depression at the outset of your move, try going for a walk around the block. Not only will this help you improve your mood, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about your new neighborhood.

2. Take chances and try new things

dog testing the water

When moving to a new place, you’re susceptible to falling into a monotonous and uninteresting routine, which could add to your relocation depression. A simple way to break out of this cycle is to consciously try new things.

It might seem hard, especially if you’re extremely lonely or isolated, but making the decision to jump out of your comfort zone can help! If nothing else, it can provide a temporary distraction from the pain of relocation, until you’ve adjusted better.

3. Keep your body happy

healthy food

One of the most important steps to feeling better is to keep your body healthy. This means eating healthier, drinking plenty of water and keeping your hygiene up. These little steps might actually help you feel loads better about your new home and the circumstances you find yourself in.

4. Be patient

person meditating

This tip is less about coping and more about looking to the future. If your depressive symptoms only showed up because of a relocation, chances are they will eventually subside.

The important thing is to keep your head on straight in the meantime. If you understand that the feelings are likely temporary, the healing process may go much more quickly.

5. Make your new home unique

unique interior design

Nothing says loneliness like a rental with blank walls, no drapes, no decorations and no personal touches. One tip for battling relocation depression is to make your new space expressive of your personality. Bring in artwork that you like, photos of family and some of your favorite trinkets that will help you feel more at peace in your new home.

6. Get to know your neighbors

housewarming party

If you’ve ever been the “new person” in an apartment complex or neighborhood, you know how much anxiety that can cause. Knowing that you have at least one friendly face to call on can provide a ton of needed comfort.

You may consider hosting a block party or open-house event to get to know your community. Creating memories in your new home is a great way to battle relocation depression.

7. Role play your “old life” in your new space

person at coffee shop

If you had any healthy coping habits in your past home, try implementing those into your new routine. Did you previously work out on Sunday mornings? Attend a Pilates class twice a week? Or, maybe you had a standing coffee date once a week? Try to implement as much of your “old life” into your new routine as you can.

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