10 Tips For Your Best Move Ever

However, packing up your home and transferring it to an entirely different place can quickly grow into a situation full of last-minute panic. With a few simple moving tips and a little planning, you can easily have the Best. Move. Ever.

Start preparing ASAP

packing supplies

1. Do a little each day

The earlier you start coordinating the details of a move, the smoother moving day will go. Shift one or two tasks related to moving onto your daily to-do list so you don’t get overwhelmed.

2. Set up utilities early

Waiting until the last minute to set up your utilities can lead to you moving into a place without the basic comforts of home. As soon as you get the utility information for your new home, schedule an installer to come turn your water on or flip the switch for the electricity to flow.

3. Get more supplies than you think you need

Estimate the amount of supplies you’ll need, then add at least 25 percent and go shopping. Tape, scissors, assorted boxes and markers should never be items you’re running out to purchase the night before the movers come.

Don’t forget about bubble wrap and packing paper, too, if you have a lot of fragile items, and while you’re at it, get more tape.

Let the packing commence

moving boxes

4. Pack smart

Be strategic when packing boxes. Try to not make them heavier than 30 pounds so they can more easily be moved. Stack boxes around your home to free up space, too, putting the lighter boxes on top.

Label each box with the room it belongs in and general contents. Hopefully, it helps the movers deliver them to the right rooms in your new place.

5. Get rid of unwanted items

Donate a box or two to lighten the load. All that stuff hiding in the back of your closet is better-suited for a donation box than a moving box. Lighten your load and donate the things you can live without to a worthy cause.

6. Put your favorites together

Dedicate one box to those items that really make you feel at home – the book you’re reading, favorite jammies, or the mug your drink your morning coffee out of each day. Label it as the “favorites box” with a big note to “open me first.” Each family member can pack their own favorites box for easy access to the important stuff.

Movers can do the heavy lifting

movers with furniture

7. Call in the pros

Strongly consider hiring professional movers. On average, moving companies charge about $25 per hour, per mover. It takes three movers around six hours to move the contents of a two-bedroom apartment to a new, local destination. This totals about $450, but budget in extra for tips. It’s also a nice gesture to offer your movers bottled water and even small snacks to help keep their energy up during the move.

For moving day

pug in a suitcase

8. Prepare an overnight bag

Pack a suitcase worthy of a 3-day vacation to make sure you’ve got all your essentials, and some clothing, within reach.

9. Keep important items with you

Not everything should be moved by movers. Hard-to-replace items like valuables and important documents should go with you to your new place. Boxing them is fine, but load them into your car. Toiletries should get the same treatment. You’ll want to shower after moving day is done.

And don’t forget…

woman in a city

10. Get to know the neighborhood

Settling into your new home isn’t just about unpacking. Get out and explore your new neighborhood, meet your new neighbors, and even do a little shopping to give your new place that homey feel.

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