Tips on Labeling Your Moving Boxes

Moving to a new apartment can be a time-consuming endeavor. But staying organized can help. Label your moving boxes in a smart system and they’ll be a breeze to unpack.

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Here are some valuable tips to remember when you are packing to move:

Pack By Room

In order for your smart labeling system to make sense, first you need to pack wisely. Do so by organizing your boxes by room. Pack items from the kitchen or from the bedroom in specified containers. Also, be sure not to move any of the boxes before you have labeled them so you won’t have to open them up just to look inside.

Make an “Open First” Box

In contrast to the “pack by room” system, you should have a box with everything you need for the first night in your new place. This will include items from various rooms like a coffee pot from the kitchen, sheets from the bedroom, toiletries from the bathroom and whatever else you will need that first evening in your new apartment.

Label By Color

Once you have packed everything in an organized system, you are ready to label your boxes. One way to label them is the color system. You can head out and purchase a set of colorful markers, tape or stickers from a store that sells moving supplies. Then, each room will get its own color.

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For example, you can place blue stickers on each kitchen box and use green ones for everything in the bathroom. You can also double your labeling by writing down the room name on each box as well. However, your movers will be able to see the color from a distance. Additionally, if you used stickers, you can add one to each door or wall in your new apartment so the movers will know where to set down each box.

Label By Number

Another labeling system involves numbers. Instead of using a color system, designate a number code for each room or area in your new place. It’s best to write down the number and name of the room on at least three sides of the box so you don’t obstruct all labels when the boxes are stacked together.

Print Packing Labels

Some extremely organized people choose to print out labels that include fields for the room name, content of the box, notes, box number and a place to put the color code. You can fill each one out on the computer or use a felt-tip pen.

Other Labeling Tips

If you have pricey china or stemware, you don’t want your movers to be rough with their boxes. So go with the tried-and-true method and write “FRAGILE” on a few sides of the container. Additionally, if it is important for some boxes to stand right-side-up, add the words “this end up” on the box. For another option, you can pick up some arrow stickers and place them on the boxes to designate the right direction.

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