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5. Wine Cellar

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Wine Cellar

Ashton Austin – Austin, TX

If you are running out of room in your luxury apartment for your $10,000 wine collection, consider moving into a building with a climate-controlled community wine cellar. Several buildings around the country have begun to offer their residents a space to keep their bottles of vino safe and secure. Many even use the space to host regular wine and cheese tastings for residents.

4. Movie Theater

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Movie Theater

The Orsini – Los Angeles, CA

Why go to the movies when the movies can come to you? Private screening rooms are popping up in more and more apartment complexes much to the delight of movie buffs across the country. The ultra-lux version in LA’s Orsini apartments features red leather chairs and an exquisitely designed interior that will make you think you are in one of the movie palaces of old.

3. Exclusive Indoor Activities

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Exclusive Indoor Activities

The Aldyn – New York, NY

Living in Manhattan can put a serious damper on your rock climbing skills. Luckily, you can rent an apartment at The Aldyn, which offers a 38-foot rock climbing wall, as well as an indoor basketball court, private bowling alley and indoor playground for the kids.

2. Private Beach

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Private Beach

Villa Oceana – Boca Raton, FL

Sometimes lounging among the common folk at the local public beach can just get so tiresome. If you throw down for a luxury apartment at Villa Oceana in Boca Raton, Florida, you will be treated to private beach access and a resort-style swimming pool.

1. A Country Club

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Country Club

The Fairways at Wilson Creek – McKinney, TX

Tired of having to leave your building to hit the club? The Fairways at Wilson Creek in McKinney, TX is solving that problem by fitting an entire country club into its apartment complex. That’s right, you can play 18 holes of golf or a game of tennis and relax in the dry sauna or in a poolside cabana—all without leaving home.

These amenities represent the best of the best. In fact, these buildings are so nice, that residents are liable to think they are living in a five-star resort (which would be true if you are renting one of the apartments at the Breakers).

Of course, the high life is going to cost you more than a traditional apartment building, but if you are in need of an entire wine cellar to store your collection, it isn’t likely you are too worried about making rent. Know of any amenities that top the ones on this list? Let us know in the comments!


[Main Image Source: One MiMA Tower – New York, NY]



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