One Necessary Decor Piece for Each Top Baby Name of 2019

Recently, Nameberry released the list of the most popular baby names for 2019 (so far). Chances are, you’ll be hearing these names more frequently. Because each name has a meaning and origin rooted in history or mythology, it’s only fitting to decorate the new nursery with symbolic pieces that tell the story of the baby’s namesake.

Here’s a list of the top five girl and boy names for 2019 and a corresponding nursery decoration to go with it.

It’s a girl!

These girl names are tops so far in 2019. Little princesses will just adore these unique decor ideas.

1. Posie


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The name Posie is rooted in nature and beauty and can mean vintage flower or stem from the Spanish “Mariposa,” meaning butterfly. When it comes to outfitting the nursery, decorate with posy flowers, soaring butterflies or both!

Adorn the nursery wall with delicately drawn flower art and hang a butterfly chandelier above the crib so baby Posie can daydream about sunny summer days filled with blooming flowers and flitting butterflies.

2. Isla

fish mobile

Stemming from the word “island,” the second most popular girl’s name instantly sparks images of ocean-blue water, hot, white sand and swaying palm trees. When decorating the nursery for babies named Isla, any island-themed decor will honor this namesake.

Found at Crate and Barrel, this under-the-sea bedding and mobile is the perfect decoration to create a soothing island-time ambiance for your perfect newborn.

3. Olivia

fish mobile

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Jumping from the pages of the children’s classic “Olivia the Pig,” this charming character can enhance the walls of any nursery or bookshelf.

Multiple Etsy vendors make adorable Olivia-themed decorations — like this banner. Or, start creating a library of literary must-haves for your new baby.

Olivia is not just a fictional character. The name Olivia has Latin roots meaning “olive tree.” Another necessary decoration for this top baby name is a small olive tree to place in her nursery. Add a botanical element to the nursery while subtly honoring the name Olivia.

4. Aurora


Photo courtesy of Etsy

Aurora is one of the top baby names this year and is also the name of the famous Disney princess Sleeping Beauty. Princess Aurora captured the attention of all little girl’s when she pricked her finger on that infamous spindle.

For the Disney-lovers who name their baby Aurora after the princess, make her nursery a fairy-tale castle. These hand-drawn paintings can be purchased on Etsy and help tell the story of that classic fairy tale.

Aurora also means “dawn.” Dawn is that perfect time of day when the sun starts to beam and light up the world. Another must-have decoration to go with this top baby name is this hand-crafted hoop that quotes the famous line, “It’s almost darkest before the dawn.” Rich in symbolism, this piece is a great reminder of the true meaning of the name Aurora.

5. Maeve

string lights

Maeve rounds at the list as the fifth most popular baby name in 2019 for girls. The name Maeve has been woven in and out of Irish mythology representing the queen of fairies.

Turn your ordinary nursery into an enchanted forest full of tiny pixies for baby Maeve, queen of the fairies. String small, white twinkling lights above the crib to mimic tiny fairies flying.

It’s a boy!

Here are the top five boy names in 2019, along with an essential item your little prince needs in his room.

1. Milo

toy soldiers

For those who love pop culture, Milo Ventimiglia has stolen the hearts of millions as the wonderful dad in “This is Us.” And in 2019, Milo now ranks as the top name for boys.

If you’ve been inspired by this TV hit, you could buy or make a handcrafted “This is Us” sign for the nursery and write in the names of the family on it.

If you’ve loved the name Milo long before the show, you may also consider decorating the nursery with soldiers and pilot memorabilia as the name Milo means “soldier” in Latin.

2. Jasper

jasper box

Found in the Earth, Jasper is a valuable quartz stone that’s a symbol of endurance, strength and energy. Decorate and paint your baby boy’s nursery to mimic the natural color palette of Jasper and imbue the positive chakra of Jasper.

Buy a beautiful Jasper vase or box to place on the changing table to honor your baby’s namesake.

3. Atticus

jasper box

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Atticus makes the list as the third most popular baby name of 2019. The name Atticus dates back to Greek and Roman times and has a strong, important feel.

To honor the ancient roots of this name, hang maps of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece on the wall of the nursery.

4. Theodore

jasper box

A classic name rooted in Greek history, Theodore’s are often called “Teddy” or “Ted.” It’s the obvious yet necessary choice to decorate this child’s nursery with big, plush teddy bears.

5. Asher

jasper box

Last but not least, Asher is the fifth most popular boy’s name for 2019. Stemming from the Bible, Asher means “fortunate, blessed, lucky one.”

To decorate the nursery for any boy named Asher, buy an ash tree and plant it in a nice pot, or try your hand at bonsai. Watch the tree and baby Asher grow together and become fortunate, blessed and lucky.

Honor thy name

Honor the top five most popular boy and girl names by decorating the nursery with items that symbolize the true meaning of a name. Not only will you have thinking outside the box, but you’ll teach your child the importance of their name as they grow up.

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