Are you considering an apartment on a higher floor?  Here are the top six reasons why top floor apartments rule.

Fewer Bugs and Other Pests

If you’re on the top floor, it’s highly unlikely that pests are going to scale the entire building just to nest in the walls of your apartment. Most bugs probably won’t be flying that high either, so your penthouse apartment will probably be safe from flying insects.

Less Noise

On the top floor, you won’t have anyone living above you, so you won’t hear anyone walking around. The trend of hardwood floors in apartments looks nice . . . but unless the builder has spent big bucks on sound-proofing, tenants on lower floors likely hear the neighbors above them, if they’re wearing anything but socks. When something is dropped on tile or hardwood floors, that makes a racket, too, so top floor living is a must for anyone who’s noise sensitive. Flooring can even transmit alarm clock sounds through wooden nightstands.

Less Traffic

When you’re higher up, foot traffic is mostly limited to residents and their guests. Chances are the gym or other popular parts of an apartment building won’t be on the top floor, so you should be less likely to have extra people running about. Since there’s less foot traffic, chances are the hallways and public areas will be cleaner.

With less traffic on floors higher up in an apartment building, it’s also less likely that your top floor apartment would be a target for burglars. Scaling up a building isn’t easy and burglars would have to risk passing neighbors on the stairs, so living on the top floor could make your stuff less of a target.

Cheaper Heat Costs

Basic science tells us that heat rises, so living in a top floor apartment can help you keep heating costs low during cool months. That said, during hotter months, it may cost more to help your apartment cool.

Better Views

If you’re living in a top floor apartment, you may have access to a great a view of your city and surrounding areas. As a top floor resident, you may also have access to more outdoor space (ex. a balcony), so you can enjoy the sights around your apartment community. Your bonus will be a good view of the weather, without turning on your TV or checking your phone.

More Light

If you’re living on the top floor, you don’t have anything  blocking your light. There are probably no balconies above you. Depending on the direction your apartment faces, you may get natural light that wakes you in the morning so you won’t need to power up the nearest lamp.

Top floor apartments rule for many reasons, so consider these points next time you’re on the lookout for a new place.