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Roommates | 09.24.2018

The 7 Best Rules in Sheldon Cooper’s Roommate Agreement

To avoid stress, many roommates have an agreed upon set of rules. But no one takes it quite as far
News & Trends | 09.18.2018

What To Do After Your Apartment Floods

If your apartment floods, you'll be running on emotion and exhaustion. Here are all the steps you should take to
News & Trends | 09.13.2018

How to Prepare Your Apartment for a Hurricane

Preparing for a hurricane in an apartment poses some unique challenges. But with the right preparation, you can weather the
News & Trends | 08.24.2018

3 Things Property Managers Aren’t Allowed to Tell You

Property managers can be great to work with but some can cause problems – and even break the law. We’ll
Apartment Living | 07.16.2018

Home Automation: Your New Favorite Roommate

Your favorite roommate might just turn out to be a home automation device that saves the day when you forget
City Roundup | 06.28.2018

25 Cities Where You Should Rent Instead of Buy

Some of the cities on this list are notorious for expensive real estate, such as San Francisco, Napa and San
City Roundup | 03.27.2018

5 Cities Where Studio Apartments Don’t Come Cheap

Hoping to live in a world-class American city? If you want to live without a roommate, get ready to shell
News & Trends | 03.06.2018

Why You Should Rent Instead of Buying Your Home

Lower costs, flexibility and reduced stress make renting an attractive option when compared with the expensive responsibility of buying a
Apartment Hunting | 01.28.2018

Apartment Words You Need to Know

Whether you’re looking for apartments to rent, or getting ready to sign your lease, it’s so important to make an