The Lease

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How to Sign a Lease Long Distance

Moving into an apartment from a long distance is now easier than ever. And that includes signing your lease. With
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What Happens to Your Apartment When You Go to Jail?

Going to jail can seriously impact your living situation, especially if you're renting. Here's what happens to your apartment when
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Do landlords actually call employers for background checks?

When renting an apartment, your prospective landlord will do some form of a background check on you. And that might
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Here’s How to Request an Extension on Your Lease End Date

Many renters find themselves with no place to live until their new apartment is ready. We'll guide you on how
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Can You Remove a Roommate from a Lease?

If you’re have issues with your roommate you can’t solve, just take them off the lease and move on. But
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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Leasing an Apartment

Searching for an apartment can be overwhelming. You want one that fits your budget, offers decent value, has a good
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How to Renew Your Lease

Before the deadline to renew or terminate your lease, talk to your landlord or apartment community manager about your options.
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Apartment Words You Need to Know

Whether you’re looking for apartments to rent, or getting ready to sign your lease, it’s so important to make an
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Tips for Negotiating Lower Rent

Found the apartment you want but don't want to pay the stated rate? Negotiate with confidence!