Tracking Workouts to Reach Your Goals

Getting into the groove of exercising may seem like it takes the force of an army, but tracking workouts can actually make it easier. How would you feel if you had a workout schedule in front of you that was completely blank? Probably not too productive! Exercisers who take note of their physical activity tend to have more success than those who don’t, and there are plenty of ways you can be tracking workouts to shed some pounds before beach season is in full swing.

My Fitness Pal

Great for logging exercise and food, My Fitness Pal helps users lose weight based on daily and long-term goals. You create a profile with your current height and weight and goals for the future. The application then uses these figures to calculate the amount of calories you should consume each day. One of the best features of this app is that you can scan food items, and it saves products that you frequently eat. It also allows you to track workouts, and it will give you updates on how far along you should be toward your goal.


If you’re a runner or walker, MapMyRun is a great tool to keep track of workouts. Using your phone’s GPS, the app keeps track of how far you are running while you’re out–it even gives you a friendly heads up after every mile marker you hit. You can save routes for the future, or share them with friends or through social outlets like Facebook. This app tracks your total mileage and time that you’ve run, and you can input the calories you consume as well.


Remember trusty paper and pen? It sure makes it hard to change your mind if you’ve written a schedule down in ink! While you might open your phone or computer more frequently than a notebook, pinning a workout schedule to your wall (so it stares you in the face) can be the perfect reminder to tie up your gym shoes. You can find a workout schedule online to print out, or just create one for yourself. After you’ve completed a workout each day, make sure to mark it off on the calendar so you are keeping track of your exercise. Give yourself a couple off-days throughout the week as well to make sure you’re not overdoing it.

Need some more motivation? Check out our list of fun ways to exercise outside this summer!

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