During the fall, this task is a little easier, because we can look outside for ideas.

Fall is all about nature and the colors it produces. Interestingly enough, the weather is colder, but the colors in fall nature are mostly warm and earthy. These kinds of colors are used to create cozy, inviting spaces, so they generally won’t make rooms look bigger. Keep that in mind as you continue through this list of some of the best paint colors for the fall season.

Shades of red

Red is often associated with fall since it’s so often seen in the leaves that begin falling off trees as well as some fall fruits like apples. These are often rich, yet vibrant shades such as deep reds, rust or crimson.

Shades of orange

Like red, orange is associated with leaves and fruits of the season. When deciding on an orange shade, make sure you don’t choose one too bright, or the room might end up looking like a traffic cone. Rather, you should try to stick with a calmer shade like burnt orange, persimmon, maple or, of course, pumpkin.

Shades of yellow

Yellows are already kind of risky to work with when painting. Take extra care to choose darker subdued shades of yellow. If a bright one is chosen, it could have a summery vibe instead of a warm, inviting fall feeling. Some of these muted yellows include mustard, goldenrod or marigold.

Shades of brown

Fall is commonly associated with coffee, so a good rule of thumb when choosing a brown paint is to stick with colors relating to the popular hot beverage. A few good shades are coffee (of course), caramel, cappuccino or latte.

Shades of purple

Although it’s a cooler color, some warmer purples are appropriate for fall. Most shades should still have a warmer red undertone, like wine, mauve, berry or even plum.

Shades of green

Because green is usually identified as a spring color, it may prove to be difficult to find shades that are suitable for fall. Be sure not to pick out a bright green. Instead, use muted earthy colors, like asparagus, avocado, olive or sage.

Shades of blue

Blue is not really seen in nature during the fall, except for a rich, dark blue sky you may be lucky to see on some chilly evenings. The important thing to remember when choosing a blue is that it should complement other traditional fall colors like red, orange and yellow. Some of the best tones for this are deep blues like navy, ocean or turquoise.

When choosing any color for fall, brights and pastels are not the way to go – they’re already associated with the other seasons. So if you want to give your space a fall vibe, be sure to stick with deep, muted, earthy tones. Doing that will ensure you match your room to the season.

Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash
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