When you’re searching for an apartment, you may look at several different types of rentals before choosing the one at which you are going to sign a lease. There are pros and cons of each rental type that you should weigh out before setting your decision in stone.


Pros: While you are still going to have a lot of neighbors, a low-rise complex is generally quieter than a high-rise because there fewer occupants, meaning you’ll have some more privacy. You will also pay less living in a low-rise versus a high-rise.

Cons: Low-rises are generally not in the heart of a city, so your commute may be a little bit longer than if you lived in a high-rise. These buildings might have a couple amenities, but they may not have luxurious resources like a pool and gym.


Pros: High-rise buildings often have great amenities, like a swimming pool, gym, movie theater or conference room that you can enjoy while living there. In addition, high-rise buildings are generally newer constructions, so apartments might also be more modern than low-rises in your city. High-rise buildings are super safe too, because you will likely need a key to get into the front door.

Cons: Living in a high-rise means that you won’t have too much privacy because you have lots of neighbors! Although construction companies do a great job of making these buildings as soundproof as possible, this can actually sometimes lead to having poor cell phone service. If you are looking for an apartment with a bit of character, chances are you aren’t going to find it in a high-rise.


Pros: You can find virtually whatever you are looking for with flats because there are so many types of rentals in this style! This also means you will be able to live in your desired neighborhood. Flats offer a bit more privacy than low-rise and high-rise buildings since you will only have a few neighbors around you. You’ll also likely be able to find a larger space with a bit of character. Flats are generally less expensive than high-rise and low-rise buildings as well.

Cons: You may be paying less, but you are going to get less as well. Flats typically don’t come with any amenities, except maybe a backyard or porch. In addition, flats are less safe than high- and low-rise buildings because there is no security at the door.


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