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02.13.2019 | 2 Minute Read | By Kim Reiner

Want a flaming cocktail for yourself or would you rather share a bottle of champagne with friends? Do you prefer a mechanical bull in the background or a Wall of Scotch?

Check out this list of unique bars in Omaha to find the next place for you and your friends to hang out.

1. A tiki bar with flaming drinks

LAKA LONO Rum Club is a tiki bar in the Old Market that relishes in its “authentically inauthentic” atmosphere. Enjoy the laid-back vibe while sipping on your cocktail.

If you’re with friends, get the ultimate photo-op with one of the group cocktails – which serves 10 to 11 people!

2. Have a bier among friends

Huber-Haus is like you’re drinking in the basement of your favorite German friend. It has excellent beer on tap and a small menu of German food to pair with it.

Word of warning – The 68-ounce drinking vessel, Das Boot, comes with quite a few rules, so study them before you decide to share one with friends.

3. Pints and punk music

Few places have a jukebox quite like the one at Brothers Lounge in the Blackstone District. It’s old school punk that’s frequently changed out to keep it interesting. Enjoy the music and the low-key atmosphere.

4. Play a game, have a pint

Some are more familiar with Spielbound Café’s coffee shop, but the ultimate game stop also has a bar. Choose a game from thousands of options, and then play and sip (and repeat) the night away.

5. A bar where the fun lies in finding it

You won’t find a sign for Wicked Rabbit in downtown Omaha. Instead, you’ll have to find the right little cigar shop, and if you ask correctly, you can enter the speakeasy through the hidden entrance behind a shelf.

6. Play pinball with a craft beer

Think old school pinball machines and your favorite arcade games from your childhood, combined with a really good selection of craft beers on hand. And that, my friends, is Beercade.

7. The bar with champagne on tap

When the occasion calls for something extra special, go to the Homy Inn. By all accounts, it’s a bar, where shelled peanuts are served out of a dog bowl. But it’s a bar with champagne on tap, so you can feel extra fancy.

8. Country music and a mechanical bull

If your nights must include a ride on a mechanical bull and line dancing, then you need to get yourself to Bushwackers Saloon.

9. I love Scotch

Find one of the largest selections of Scotch in the world – more than 700 bottles – at the Dundee Dell. The Wall of Scotch is famous, and if you want to try something new, visit the bar during one of their monthly public single malt tastings.

Header Photo courtesy of LAKA LONO Rum Club
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