Unique Storage Ideas for Your 1-Bedroom Apartment

Here are some unique apartment storage ideas to help you get started.

Radiator shelf

Usually found in older apartments, radiators are bulky and stationary, and it can be difficult to work around them. One easy fix is to put a board across the top and use it as a shelf or side table. To be safe, it’s best to install it an inch or so above the radiator with brackets. While the chance of fire is slim, it’s still not something you want to mess with.

If you don’t like the way a radiator looks, you can use a radiator cover to completely cover it. It will hardly take up any extra space, but it looks more like a unit you purposefully put in place instead of something you’re trying to cover up.

Under the bed

Under the bed is prime storage real estate to store things you may not use every day or items you don’t want others to see. To add even more space, use bed risers or get a raised bed frame with cabinets and drawers.

If you aren’t keen on the idea of having to use a step stool to get into bed, you can always get a simple frame with drawers or even use storage trays for easy organization.

Vintage suitcases and trunks

Suitcases and trunks are great for more than travel. You can find cool ones at most thrift stores for pretty cheap. Two or three can be stacked on top of each other and used as a side table, one can be displayed as a coffee table or you can use just one small one as a fun decoration for a tiny space.

Fold-down table

Instead of a having a table that takes up half of the room all of the time, you can install a table that folds out of the wall – a take on a murphy bed that you can eat or work on. To take it a step further, some of these tables also have shelves attached, so you have even more storage space.

Hanging fruit baskets

Normally associated with the kitchen, hanging fruit baskets can be used in any part of the apartment, no matter how small. Just install a hook on the ceiling wherever you need storage or use already-existing rods, nails or knobs and hang the basket.

You can easily put one in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, closet or wherever you need a little extra storage.

Window seat

If your apartment doesn’t have window seat already, you can buy a standalone unit in almost any size that has cabinets and drawers in them. They can be moved easily and can go anywhere in the apartment they’ll fit.

One-bedroom apartments don’t typically have a lot of storage space – especially if you’re sharing that space with someone else. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck. The storage solutions listed above will give you the appearance of a neat and organized space without having to give up any of your prized possessions.

Morgen Henderson Morgen Henderson is a writer who grew up in Utah. She lived in the Dominican Republic for a year and a half, where she was involved in humanitarian service. Some of Morgen's work has appeared in State of Digital, The Next Scoop and TechPatio. In her free time, she loves to travel, bake, master DIY projects and improve her Spanish skills.

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