Upsizing Your Home: Moving From an Apartment to a House

It’s time to pack up and embark on your new adventure.

Making the move from an apartment to a house is a significant step in many people’s lives. It often signifies a transition to a new stage, whether it’s starting a family, advancing in your career, or simply desiring more space and freedom. While apartment living has its perks, such as convenience and lower maintenance, upsizing to a house offers numerous advantages that can greatly enhance your quality of life.

A deeper look into moving from an apartment to a house

Breaking down what upsizing truly means creates a less overwhelming experience. Whether you’re renting a house in Philadelphia or in San Francisco –  easier upsizing is the key to a successful and seamless transition.

More space

One of the most obvious advantages of moving from an apartment to a house is the increase in living space. Houses typically offer larger rooms, additional bedrooms, and more storage options, allowing you to spread out and enjoy more privacy. This extra space is especially beneficial for growing families or individuals who work from home and need a dedicated office space.

With more space, however, comes more stuff. Kelly Dever, founder of Your Right Hand Mom, recommends setting intention into place before you upsize. Begin your upsizing journey by downsizing your belongings,” Dever notes. “A thorough declutter session before you pack means you only bring items that add value and joy to your new home. This not only simplifies moving but also eases the organization process in the larger space.”

Dever also notes this will create ease around filling your new space. “As you settle into your new house, systematically assign a home for every item. This practice wards off the sprawl of random clutter and cultivates an environment where order prevails.”

Ronda Bowen, of The Well Caffeinated Mom, echoes that decluttering is important when moving into more space. “If you have boxes of random things (referred to as doom boxes), go through those boxes, declutter them, and repack them where they belong,” Bowen emphasizes. “When you arrive in your new space, do your best to unpack your home within the first couple of weeks of living there to avoid new clutter.”

Decoration and personalization opportunities

Upsizing your home will allow for more space to show your creative side in design, Jamie Mitri, founder and CEO, of Moss Pure shares. “Upsizing creates the opportunity to add wall art to your wall space and do it in a unique and custom way. For example, you can own a larger, custom piece of wall art, like one by Moss Pure, instead of several smaller pieces of art,” Mitri explains.

“Moss Pure creates stunning spaces using live moss wall art that doubles as an art filter and stress relief device. The live moss stays alive in the patent-pending design indefinitely without needing watering, sunlight, or maintenance. And it’s totally customizable to your space.” Unique decoration opportunities, like Moss Pure, can transform your house into a personalized sanctuary that reflects your taste and style.

Going from small decorating and living space to almost double the space can also be challenging and overwhelming. Ana with Mrs. American Made, recommends not jumping immediately to buying a ton of new furnishings and decor. “My best advice is to decorate and organize with secondhand items,” Ana suggests. “It’s better for the environment and more eco-friendly. There are so many gently used unique, useful, and cute items out there that it doesn’t make sense to buy new and at full price.”

For those who prefer to ease their way into decorating a larger space, Shay Moné recommends starting with simply painting the walls. “Paint is the easiest way to elevate a space, and a fresh coat of any shade of white can do the trick,” Moné explains. Her top six creamy white paint colors are:

  • Ivory Lace / Sherwin Williams
  • Swiss Coffee / Benjamin Moore
  • Farrow’s White / Farrow and Ball
  • Aged White / Sherwin Williams
  • White Sand / Sherwin Williams
  • Calm / Benjamin Moore

Outdoor living

Many apartments lack outdoor space or have limited access to communal areas. Moving to a house often means gaining a backyard, patio, or garden where you can relax, entertain guests, and enjoy outdoor activities. Having your own outdoor space provides opportunities for gardening, barbecuing, or simply soaking up the sun on a lazy afternoon.

Privacy gained from moving from an apartment to a house

Houses typically offer greater privacy compared to apartment living, where you may share walls, floors, or ceilings with neighbors. With more space between you and your neighbors, you can enjoy a quieter and more peaceful environment, free from the noise and disturbances often associated with communal living.

Investment potential

Owning a house can be a smart long-term investment, as real estate tends to appreciate in value over time. Unlike renting, where your monthly payments only benefit the landlord, homeownership allows you to build equity and potentially profit from property appreciation.

Unique sense of community

While apartment complexes often foster a sense of community through shared amenities and social events, living in a house within a neighborhood offers a different type of community experience. You can get to know your neighbors, participate in local events and activities, and become involved in neighborhood associations or volunteer groups. Building relationships with your neighbors can enrich your life and provide a support network within your community.

Maintenance responsibilities

Unlike renting, where maintenance and repairs are typically handled by the landlord, homeowners are responsible for maintaining their property. This includes tasks such as lawn care, snow removal, and regular upkeep of the house’s exterior and interior. While this additional responsibility requires time and effort, it also allows homeowners to take pride in their property and ensure it remains in good condition.

Homeownership responsibilities

Upsizing to a house often comes with higher expenses compared to renting an apartment. In addition to mortgage payments, homeowners must budget for property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utilities, and ongoing maintenance costs. It’s important to carefully evaluate your financial situation and create a realistic budget to ensure you can afford the additional expenses associated with homeownership before moving from apartment to house living.

Your upsizing journey begins here

While moving from apartment to house living or otherwise upsizing may induce stress, Megha with Crafts N Chisel reminds us of the beauty in this exciting life change. “Transitioning from an apartment to a house presents an exciting opportunity to elevate one’s design and decorating experience. A well-adorned environment fosters mental agility, with walls and tables adorned with vibrant art and uplifting themes promoting a healthy mind and body,” Megha shares. “Harmony is achieved by aligning the color scheme of artworks with that of furniture and furnishings while ensuring proportional sizing and placement. This balance enhances both the beauty of art and the space it inhabits.”

By taking the time to consider these factors and truly embrace the excitement of the upsizing adventure, you’ll be equipped to make a decision that feels right for you and your loved ones. Sure, there may be hurdles along the way, but the potential rewards of homeownership just might be worth it. From having more space to call your own to the joy of customizing every nook and cranny, owning a house can be a deeply fulfilling journey that enriches your life and creates lasting memories for you and your family.


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