Use Technology to Get Organized When Moving

By Linsday Smith

My mom always says, “Think smarter, not harder.” And since I’m the kind of person who constantly overthinks and complicates, this advice has helped me get organized through various aspects of my life, including my college classes, helping me find simple storage solutions in my first tiny apartment, and most certainly while moving.

Moving is complicated and messy, but with some organizational help, it can actually be a relatively smooth process. And in an age where there’s an app for everything, technology can greatly ease your transition between apartments.

Here are some technology-related moving tips you can use to get organized:

Finding a New Apartment

First, let’s find you a new apartment.’s app is a great resource for helping you find a new place to live. The app offers hundreds of apartment listings, and you can view apartment pictures, floor plans and amenities (for those of us who can’t live without a dishwasher in-unit), and even contact property owners to set up viewings right from your smartphone.

Purge with Social Media

A necessary evil for any move is the sorting and purging process, because the last thing you want in a new apartment is a cluttered mess. Do you really still need your old collection of snow globes? And that old Kiss T-shirt is deteriorating at a rapid pace … it might be time to get rid of that one.

So go through everything you own, and decide what you want to keep, throw away and donate. And then get those donation items online with social media! Use Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and even Instagram to sell and give away any items you no longer need.

Create a Master Spreadsheet

One of the moving tips that’s really great if you’re not alone during your move is to create a master spreadsheet on Google Docs and share it with your roommate, partner or spouse.

Include to-dos, appointments and shopping lists, and have whoever completes the task mark on the spreadsheet that it’s been taken care of. You can even organize the spreadsheet by person and delegate tasks to everyone involved in the move.

Get Organized with a Moving Planner App

It’s all in the name—the Moving Planner app is the perfect tool to help you get organized during a move. It allows users to create moving checklists for themselves (up to six weeks in advance) for things like canceling utility services or buying moving supplies.

It also comes pre-loaded with over 200 moving-related items that you can use in your checklists, and it color codes items based on how important they are.

Take Photos of Everything

People who move regularly swear by photographing everything that’s being packed in each box. Photographs ensure that you’ll be able to find your coffee maker that first morning after moving day or dig out the toolkit you need in order to hang art at your new place.

Many people simply take photos on their smartphones, but the Moving Van app is a great tool that actually allows you to take photos and inventory items based on what box they’re in. It also offers a cool export feature, so you can send your inventory to your email address and access it easily.

Plan Your Trip

If you’re planning a more long-distance move, the TripIt app is a really great tool to help you get organized for the trip itself. It aggregates all of your flight, truck rental and hotel reservations, keeps your confirmation numbers handy, and you can even use it to share your itinerary with friends or family who want updates.

You can also use the app to see what the weather’s like at your destination and book restaurant reservations ahead of time.

Keep Your Thoughts In Order

Instead of writing down notes on a random receipt or piece of paper you find in your pocket, use Idea Organizer to help keep your thoughts in order while preparing for a move. The app is perfect for people who tend to get great ideas while they’re out and about but need a handy way to remember them.

And it doesn’t have to be a written note, either. Users can also record voice memos (say, if you think of something while driving) and take pictures of ideas they don’t want to forget about.

Plan Your Space

Phew, you made it. Wait … where are you going to put the couch? Now that you’re moved into your new pad, it’s time for a little fun! There are plenty of room planner apps out there that let you recreate your floor plan, add furniture and even potential decor items. Try Home Design 3D for iOS or Floor Plan Creator for Android.

Moving is a huge and stressful life event, but using these ideas will help you stay sane (or at least saner) during your big transition!

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