Looking for uses for old clothes? When you’re packing up your place to head to a brand new pad, you can be resourceful and save money on packing materials by using old clothes. If you’re looking for eco-friendly apartment packing tips, your raggedy t-shirts that you only wear to bed or out to the gym, cozy sweaters and tank tops can pull double duty.

Cut Costs

You never realize how much packing materials cost until you’re frantically looking for boxes, packing peanuts and old newspapers. Finding uses for old clothes while you’re packing can make the process a bit easier, cost efficient and friendly to the earth. Added benefit: this can also cut moving costs because you won’t have to make as many trips!

Use with Breakables

If you don’t want to risk wrinkling some clothes, you may want to stick to bulkier items or scarves. Instead of wrapping plates, glassware and other valuable and fragile items with newspaper, which can lead to ink transfer on items, using clothes will provide a more substantial cushion and ensure everything gets to your new abode without damage. Stuff your glassware with scarves and tank tops that are fairly light and easy to condense.

If you’ve got boxes of clothes–because let’s face it, not all of your clothes will fit into the crevices of breakables–you can store some smaller valuables like picture frames, knick-knacks and small vases.

Fill Up Unused Spaces

So you’ve got a box packed with all your books and DVDs, but there’s unused space left? Rolling your clothes and stuffing them into these nooks and crannies will help you save on the number of boxes used, while protecting everything within the box from shuffling around. If you make sure to fill up all the spaces in boxes that contain your kitchenware, bath essentials and bedroom decor, you may find yourself not needing any extra boxes to pack away your clothes.

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