There’s no need to break the bank this year if you don’t have the money for an expensive celebration with your sweetheart. Here are 20 Valentine’s Day date and gift ideas for less than $20.


valentine's day

Whether it’s out at a fancy restaurant, enjoying nature or even staying in, there are plenty of romantic date ideas for a fun Valentine’s Day.

1. Adult scavenger hunt

Create a personalized scavenger hunt for your partner to find things that are special to you and your relationship. For ideas or tips on how to get started, do an online search.

2. DIY restaurant dinner

Shop for groceries to complete an inexpensive dish. Use items you already have at home – a nice tablecloth, candles and other décor. Set the table and place it with a menu that you’ve typed and printed out. Prepare a meal and enjoy!

3. Massage exchange

If you and your mate love a good rub, give each other back or foot massages. Play some soothing music, dim the lights and help each other relax. You can buy some massage oil at a variety of stores.

4. Movie night

Get some snacks from the dollar store, make slushies, pop some popcorn and snuggle in for a night of cinema.

5. Dessert date

Skip dinner (or eat at home) and go out for some ice cream, apple pie à la mode or your favorite sweet treat at your favorite restaurant or dessert shop.

6. Romantic walk

Life can get busy and sometimes it’s hard to spend time with your significant other. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to slow down, take a nice walk and talk to your mate.

7. Scooter ride

Don’t want to walk? Rent electric scooters from Uber, Lyft and other companies in select cities and ride around town.

8. Game night

Grab your mate, a roll of quarters and head to an arcade to play a few games. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some old-time favorites like Pac-man, Star Wars or Mario Brothers. If you don’t have a local arcade, go shoot some pool.

9. Karaoke

Set up your own karaoke bar in the living room to show off your skills. Pull up songs on YouTube and sing your heart out!

10. Watch the sunset

Hop in the car or walk to an area with higher ground and a great view. Lay or sit out on a blanket, watch the sunset and snap pictures.


valentine's day gift

Who doesn’t love gifts on Valentine’s Day? Skip the flowers, candy and chocolate and try one of these great ideas that are sure to make your Valentine smile.

11. Jewelry

If your mate loves jewelry, grab a pair of cute earrings or a chunky bracelet.

12. Phone case

Some people can’t live without their phone. A new case may be just what your lover needs!

13. Headwrap or hair accessories

A person who loves to accessorize is always in favor of a new funky piece to add to the collection.

14. Candle

For someone who loves a good smell, a candle is a great gift.

15. Framed photo

Print a photo of the two of you and gift it in a nice picture frame.

16. Free car wash

Car washes are needed but not always on our to-do list and make a perfect gift as an act of service.

17. Monogrammed mug

Coffee lovers love a good mug. And one with initials? Even better!

18. Water bottle

Nothing like a nice water bottle to tote along during a workout.

19. Personalized flask

A flask is great for drinkers that want to keep their beverages near.

20. Pocketknife

When scissors aren’t available, a pocketknife will do the trick.

Cupid will be taking notes from you

All these gifts can be found in various stores or online. A quick Google search will provide you with many options.

The key to planning a thoughtful date or giving a sweet gift is not about how much money you spend but instead about knowing your sweetheart and putting thought and effort into the gesture.

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