Wall Art Arrangements 101

Apartment decorating is an art all on it’s own—you have to select colors, patterns and objects to optimize the appearance of your pad. And as you’re (hopefully) aware, hammering a nail into the wall and hooking a painting on it doesn’t necessarily constitute a artistic decor arrangements.

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If you’re interested in turning your wall space into a cleverly planned focal point, here are the basics of wall art arrangements:

Know What You’ve Got

The amount of space in your apartment, the type of artwork you want to arrange and the wall itself can (and really should) influence the way you hang your decor. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before picking up your tool set:

  • How uniform is my art? Are the pictures the same dimensions? Do they feature the same colors?

  • Do I have frames? If not, do I want to spend money and buy them?

  • Where do I want to hang my art?

  • How big are my walls?

  • What shape is the wall upon which I want to hang my decor?

  • Is there any shelving (real or potential) that I need to take into account?

  • What does the rest of my decor look like? Will my art match? How can I make it match?

Each answer will bring you closer to developing a coordinated, unique and totally cool wall decor arrangement.

Coordinate the Pieces

The principle of harmony is quite important when it comes to interior design. The unofficial law mandates that all your decor matches, but is not identical. Basically, you can have different patterns and colors, as long as they all complement one another and live within the same scheme.

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How can you achieve perfect harmony? Through strategic planning! Color is one of your best and most versatile tools in all of apartment decorating. Pick out pieces that live within the same color palette. For instance, you might hang all black-and-white portraits or a series of paintings that include blue, white and orange.

Realistically, you might not find perfect matches, but get as close as you can.

Take a Look at Your Wall

When you have picked out the paintings, plates, tapestries and mirrors that you want to arrange in a grouping, it’s time to select the shape. The size of and space of your wall will dictate what you can and cannot do.

If you have a narrow strip of wall you want to accent, your grouping may be small and tight. You might consider sticking to smaller pieces as using large ones could make the limited space feel cluttered.

On the other hand, if you have a short but long wall, you can arrange your art in a sweeping line, or place items in a row on a shelf.

Basically, try to build your wall art ideas so that the arrangement fits in and complements your existing space.

Frame or No Frame?

Remember harmony? You can play into the concept by looking at the frames around your art. Either all the pieces on your gallery wall should have a frame, or none of them should. It’s either or. Why? Because coordination, that’s why!

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You can have a set of unframed canvases line your walls, or a series of photos arranged in grid. photos. What you choose is up to you, just be sure that all your art is either framed or frameless.

Shape is Less Important

Depending on your vision for your gallery wall, the shape of your objects may or may not be very consequential. You can have round mirrors next to square ones if you want. Shape is, however, important if you’re making a grid.

Arranging the art in a linear format requires that the images are the same size and shape. If they aren’t, the grid sort of falls apart. Whether or not you can achieve his look depends on the images you have.

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