12.24.2018 | 2 Minute Read | By Muriel Vega

If you’re opting to celebrate Christmas alone this holiday season, here are a few things that can help you throw the best party of one and make a few traditions of your own.

1. Set the mood

christmas tree decorations

Decorating for the holiday can make the living room feel more festive and a little less lonely. Head over to your neighborhood tree lot and pick the one that speaks to you.

Spend the day decorating the tree and your apartment to your heart’s content while playing a good Christmas playlist in the background. Open up the eggnog and add cinnamon for tasty treat (or make it adult with your favorite liquor).

2. Cook a complex recipe

cooking christmas dinner

Just because you’re making dinner for one, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go all out. Treat yourself to a decadent dinner on Christmas. Look up that recipe you’ve been meaning to try and pick up all of the ingredients the day before Christmas.

On Christmas day, spend the day cooking up your feast and set the table with fancy plates, a candle or two and cloth napkins. The fancier, the better.

3. Go to the movies

people at movie theater

Christmas Day is a pretty popular day to go to the movies. Often, new films come out and you can watch two or three in a row without shame because what else would you be doing?

Look, we’re not saying you should bring snacks (wink), but stock up on goodies so you always have candy or popcorn on hand. Dress comfortably, line up the movies in advance and get there early to get the best seat in the house.

4. Volunteer at your local pantry

soup kitchen volunteer

Call the local pantries, food banks and shelters in your area to see if they need help during one of their busiest days of the year. Keep homeless and food-insecure folks company while serving them a warm meal or help the food bank organize their shelves so nothing goes to waste.

Lending a hand during this time can help stave off the loneliness that comes with this time of the year. You can also check out local senior centers and see if they have any available activities for volunteers.

5. Earn extra money

walking dogs

If you’re a hustler at heart, this one will definitely appeal to you. If your work allows, pick up extra shifts to make overtime and let other employees enjoy their holiday plans. If your work gives you the holiday off, let your friends know that you’re available to walk their dogs, feed their cats and house sit for them while they’re out of town.

You can bring in good money through several gigs to treat yourself to a good gift this Christmas and hang out with some adorable four-legged friends to boot.

6. Staycation at a local hotel

hotel staycation

If you’ve been hoarding travel points, this is a great, cheap way to spend the holiday like a movie star. Cash in your points for that fancy hotel downtown, order room service and watch the slew of holiday movies on a giant TV screen while you wear a fluffy robe on your king-sized bed. It’s a great way to treat yourself.

7. And if you’re not up for anything, that’s OK, too

relaxing on couch

Snuggle under a cozy blanket, order up your favorite takeout and spend the day on your couch. All the Christmas classics will be playing back to back to keep you entertained, with a few cheesy new ones thrown in. It’s OK to not check social media all day, too.

Take naps in between movies, clean the house, organize your kitchen – the world is your oyster as there’s no bad way to spend the holiday solo.

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