5 Ways to Hide TV Cables in Your Apartment

If you want a 21st century home without all the clutter, read on for unique ways to hide TV cables from view.

1. Use the runners or rugs you already own


One of the most common and readily-available choices for hiding cables from view is to place them underneath a runner or a rug. If your room layout is such that cables need to be strewn across open spaces, this is a great option. It’s a good idea to place padding underneath to ensure the rug doesn’t move and that cables aren’t felt or seen from above.

Not only does this hide cables from view, it eliminates a number of safety concerns that come along with unconcealed cables such as tripping or damaging the technology.

2. Install light strips to camouflage cables

light strip

A huge design trend as of late is colorful LED light strips in the home. These lights can make any space look futuristic, sleek and clean. But, they can also be very useful for hiding TV cables.

Speaker cables can easily be mounted behind or along almost all types of LED light strips. One thing to keep in mind is whether or not you’ll want to reposition these light strips at any point in the future. This will determine what type of adhesive mounting system is best for you.

3. Upgrade your cable

flat cables

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As technology improves, so does the hardware that accompanies those technologies. A new-ish revolution in home entertainment technology is flat speaker cable. If you’re looking to hide audio cables, this might be the most comprehensive solution without having to undertake any major construction project.

As a renter, you probably don’t want to go through any construction just to hide TV cables. But, what you might be OK with is painting your space. Flat speakers adhere easily to any surface, around corners and in tricky spaces, and it can be painted over to be fully concealed!

4. Chair rails

flat cables

Many older, full-of-charm rentals will have chair railing in some rooms. Chair rails were originally placed in rooms to protect the wall from being damaged by the backs of chairs. Now, the feature is mostly aesthetic, but it’s still present in many rentals.

It can be very simple to install speaker cables behind chair railing. If you’re lucky enough to have this or some other type of molding, you should explore options for concealing TV cables here.

5. Use mount plates

cable mount plate

You’re probably familiar with this option. It’s one of the most common options for hiding TV cables. There are tons of varieties, but these are basically plastic casings that adhere to a wall. Cables can then be neatly and simply fed through the casings.

Mount plates require zero painting, drilling or cutting, making this option great for those looking to avoid any construction altogether.

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