5 Ways to Socialize While Social Distancing in an Apartment

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to isolate ourselves from our friends and family. Those living in apartment complexes have a unique situation where their neighbors are very close, but even though you want to hang out with friends, you still need to practice social distancing in your apartment.

We’ve all heard of video meetings, virtual dinners or happy hours (and you’ve probably participated in a few), but here are a few other creative ways that you can still socialize with your apartment neighbors during this time.

1. Mail your neighbors letters

Most people have foregone the days of mailing letters to friends and family members. Technology has made communicating much easier. However, who doesn’t love to get mail?

Why not reach out to your neighbors with a letter. You could get some pretty postcards to mail them or write a little note on a pretty piece of stationary. Chances are, this little act will bring a smile to their day.

2. Balcony karaoke

Since you can’t go out to the bars for karaoke night right now, why not bring karaoke to your apartment complex? There are plenty of apps available that will allow you to sing along to your favorite songs. Go out on your balcony and belt out one of your favorite songs. Invite your neighbors to join in.

This can be a great way to socialize without gathering as a group. You could post flyers around your apartment complex announcing karaoke night. Invite everyone to sign up for a time slot. You can organize the sing-along through one of the many social apps that are available.

guy with guitar

3. Scavenger hunt

One fun thing that you can do in order to bring some fun and excitement to your apartment complex is to create a scavenger hunt. You can post flyers with what everyone needs to find around the buildings or even from inside their apartments.

Have them take pictures of the items as they find them and send them to your phone. You could even create a small trophy to give out to the winner. If some of the items are outside, make sure that you’re maintaining social distance when out searching for items.

4. Plan a social distancing picnic

There’s a good chance that your apartment complex has a common area of some type. If there’s a tennis court, basketball court or open meadow near your apartment complex, invite your neighbors for a neighborhood picnic. Everyone will bring their own food and should set up their picnic at least six to 10 feet away from others.

This can be a great way to socialize, feel like you are going out and still be able to engage with others, even if it has to be from a distance.

If you don’t want to eat outside, plan a gathering to drink some beer or wine. Everyone can sit spread apart and talk to each other from a distance. This is a great way to get outside. Fresh air and vitamin D are added benefits of this social distancing idea.

5. Create a book club

Reading is a great pastime and since many people are finding themselves with more time on their hands, starting a book club with the people in your apartment building can be a great source of socialization and fun.

Suggest a book for everyone to read. You can meet outside while maintaining distance to discuss the book. You can also use a video app such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype to sit in your apartments and discuss what you’ve read.

Stay safe and socially distant

Social distancing is hard. This is something that no one has experienced in their lifetime. With that being said, there are some fun ways that you can still interact with your friends and family members, it just takes a bit more creativity.

Use technology to your advantage. There are numerous games that can be played together virtually. You can also watch movies together through the various watch party apps.

While this time is difficult, if you use your imagination, you can easily come up with some fun things to do that will help keep you engaged and an active member of your community.


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