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7 Ways to Use Facebook to Find a College Roommate

Whether you need one more person to fill up that four-bedroom house near the library or a single roommate to share the rent at that cute two-bedroom apartment just a few blocks from the science building, you’ll need to carefully search for a great roomie.

Gone are the days of pinning your listing up on a bulletin board by the student center. Now, you have to get creative. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are built for making connections, so why not make it the right place to find a roommate? With the right tools, it’s easy to know how to find a college roommate on social media.

Using Facebook to find your college roommate

Everyone loves Facebook. According to Statista, there are almost 40 million Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 24. Here are a few tips you can follow to use this platform to find your perfect dorm mate.

1. Post a status update

In its text box, Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?” If finding a roommate is on your mind, post it! True, Facebook is more of an inside-your-social-circle platform than Twitter’s soapbox. But as a college student, many of your Facebook friends are also classmates so there’s a good chance you’ll hit someone looking for a roommate, or at least someone who knows someone looking.

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Source: Facebook

Facebook’s strengths aren’t in conversing with strangers, but if you make your status update about looking for a roommate public, you never know who’s also scouring for a roommate using Facebook’s search feature.

After you post your roommate request, feel free to ask your Facebook friends to share your update. They are most likely to know people at your university who might be looking. That’s why they call it a social network!

2. Join Facebook groups

There are groups on Facebook for nearly anything, and finding one that’s a hub for people looking for roommates at your college won’t be too hard. In Facebook’s search box, type the name of your college and “roommates” or “roommate search.”

Then, in the top navigation, click “Groups,” and you will be presented with a list of groups overflowing with fellow classmates looking for people like you.

3. Attend Facebook events

There are a zillion kinds of event pages on Facebook. If you search around, you can find meetups of people on your campus looking for roommates, so just click “interested” on the page and add it to your calendar. Even if you can’t make it, post in the page’s discussion board that you’re looking!

4. Look for specific apartment buildings or complexes

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Source: Facebook

If you have a good idea where you want to live off-campus, see if that building, complex or even street has its own Facebook “Page.” Post on that page you’re interested in living there and looking for a roommate who is, too. Flip through other people’s comments on the page to see if anyone else is also posting.

5. Facebook stalk potential roommates

If you don’t mind coming off a little creepy, you can search for classmates you’ve never even met. Go into Facebook’s search feature and target your queries at people who go to your college and enter some keywords that match your roommate interests like the field of study, graduation year, taste in music, favorite bar or basically anything.

If someone pops up that sounds like a potential match, send them a message or friend request. The worst that can happen is they’ll block you!

6. Use matching services

You can also check with your school’s housing office and see if they offer a roommate matching service. If they do, you might be able to get some basic information (or even full names or campus email addresses) of people actively looking for roommates. Find them on Facebook and drop them a message and a roommate proposal!

7. Take out a Facebook ad

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Source: Facebook Business

It sounds extreme, but it’s really not. And it might sound expensive, but it isn’t. For just a few bucks, you can advertise on Facebook that you’re looking for a roommate. The more specific your ad, the cheaper it is, so it really isn’t unreasonable.

To create a Facebook ad, you’ll want to go to Facebook Business page and then follow the simple instructions. You can also get there from your main profile page by clicking on the dropdown arrow near your notifications and selecting “Advertising on Facebook.” You’ll have to do this on your computer, not your phone.

Facebook notifications

Source: Facebook

Describe yourself however you want in your ad, that you’re a clean freak, a non-smoker or not a partier, list your fave Netflix shows, if you have a car and then match it with a pic that makes you look like the roomie of their dreams.

Choose to whom your ad gets served, like only people that live within a mile of campus, are a specific gender, age or literally any interest you might want to share.

If you need more help, Facebook has a great guide in its resource center.

Get social to find your roommate

It might take some time, but following these steps can help you connect with friends — and even people you don’t know but with whom you share similar interests — who are also looking for a roommate. Now you’ll just have to worry about who gets the bigger bedroom.


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