Moving Tips: What to Consider When Moving with Pets

Having a furry, four-legged family member is one of the greatest joys of apartment living. If you have already found a pet-friendly apartment that suits all of your needs, congratulations! You are ready for the entire family, including your pet, to venture on to your new pad!

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However, moving with pets isn't always a walk in the park. Just like moving with kids, there are many things you need to consider before hopping on a plane or in a car and heading to your next destination.

Here are moving tips to help avoid some of the top headaches that renters may encounter with their furry BFF:

Pet Deposits

What to Consider When Moving with Pets - Pet Deposits

Chances are, if you find a new place, you are going to have to put down a pet deposit. According to a recent survey, pet deposits were the biggest headaches that renters encountered while moving with their pets.

Although dishing out more money on top of moving costs may sound unfair, pets are known to cause messes–especially if you have one that is still not house-trained. A pet-friendly apartment without a pet deposit is rare because of this. However, many pet owners will agree that it's totally worth it to have Fido around!

Emotional Trauma

What to Consider When Moving with Pets - Emotional Trauma

Adjusting to a new home is isn't always easy, and the same goes for your pet. More than a third (39%) of renters listed their pet's emotional trauma as their biggest concern during a move.

Change is always a tough thing to tackle, especially for pets who have already grown comfortable with their surroundings. Keep in mind that it may take awhile for your cat or dog to feel at home in your new place. To make the transition as smooth as possible, check out our post about how to avoid animal anxiety after a move.

Veterinarian Expenses

What to Consider When Moving with Pets - Veterinarian Expenses

If you’re planning a big move that requires you and your furbaby to hop a flight, you’re going to need to factor veterinarian expenses into your moving budget. Many airlines will require a health certificate from a vet within a certain number of days of your flight. For specific information, check with your airline.

Airline Transportation

What to Consider When Moving with Pets - Airline Transportation

If you are heading across the country and taking Fido along, finding an airline that accommodates your pooch or feline companion can also be a concern. Many airlines will require an extra fee to bring your dog along. There is a pets-only airline, PetAirways, that specifically accommodates animals and travels to nine cities across the U.S.

However, if you would prefer to travel alongside your furry friend, JetBlue has been rated as one of the best commercial carriers for pets, along with AirTran and Frontier.

Keep in mind that 85% of apartment-dwellers have moved with a pet, and only 34% have said it was a positive experience. If you encounter headaches or roadblocks in your new pet-friendly apartment, you certainly aren't alone!

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