What to Do if Your Apartment Doesn’t Offer Recycling

However, some management companies haven’t yet jumped on the recycling bandwagon.

If you live in a property that does not offer recycling, all hope of living more green isn’t lost. If you’re saving all of your glass and paper in hope of recycling, there are a few resources that can help you make an effort at recycling waste from your household.

Talk to your neighbors

It’s likely that other residents in your community that would like to also recycle. Put up a flyer in a common area and see if your neighbors respond. If there is enough interest in your community, you may be able to get recycling bins. If it’s a citywide issue, consider reaching out to your city council or other location representatives to voice your opinion.

Seek out community options

With the help of Google, search for “Recycling near [your zip code].” You’re likely to find different organizations in your neighborhood that take different types of materials.

Many community centers offer paper recycling through big bins in their parking lots, many places have clothing drop off bins and many schools run recycling programs. If there are resources close by, buy some apartment-size recycling bins for your home, and then drop off your items when the bins are full.

Make a tiny compost pile

There are plenty of small compost bins on the market that would fit right on your kitchen counter. Composting is a great way to reuse paper and food scraps. If you garden, you can use your compost pile when it comes time to seed for new plants or gift it to someone who has a green thumb.

Sign up for your own service

One of the newest ways to recycle is to purchase your own valet recycling service. The service arrives at your doorstep (or curbside) to pick up your recycling bins on a certain day. The simple service of valet recycling makes recycling convenient and easy.

Reduce your own waste

One way to be more sustainable is to simply reduce your own waste and consumption. Get started by eliminating usage of little everyday items like paper coffee cups, straws and plastic water bottles. Anything that can only be used once can easily be replaced by another multiple use product – metal water bottles and straws or reusable coffee mugs. By simply replacing single-use items, you can keep more waste out of the recycling bin or trash can.

Getting into the habit of recycling doesn’t have to be a chore. Even if you can’t recycle your items in your apartment building, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a place for the items elsewhere in your community. Do a little research now and rest easy knowing that you’ve done your part to build a more sustainable future for your community.

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