Everything You Need to Know About Student Apartments

A student apartment is an off-campus apartment where college students can live. They are owned by a party independent of the college or university but are meant for students.

student housing like dorms are different than apartments

1. A student apartment is not a dorm

While dorms are meant to house college students, they're different from other student housing options like student apartments. Dorms are on campus and often include some on-site cafeterias, and have fairly strict rules.

Student apartments are off-campus and those who live in them are in charge of their own food. Not to mention, there's more freedom and tenants only need to live by the rules set by their landlord.

2. You may need to buy your own furniture for a student apartment

College dorms already have basic furniture for you to use, but a student apartment might not. You may need to bring your own bed, desk and nightstand with you. Some off-campus student housing does include furniture, but it's not always guaranteed and it may vary between apartments.

student apartments for rent are ample in college towns with features like unit washer dryer and walk in closets

3. Student apartments may be rented out by the bed

Typically, if you're living in an apartment, you'll either have the place to yourself or share an apartment with roommates while having your own room. However, student apartments aren't always rented out by the room. Rather, they can be rented out by bedroom. Similar to a dorm, you may be splitting a room with someone. You may also have other roommates that share a room.

So, if you live in an apartment with 3 bedrooms, that doesn't guarantee you'll have your own room and two roommates — there may be six people living there. Rent prices will vary depending on the area, what size of room you're renting, roommates and other factors.

4. Student apartments allow for more freedom

One word consistently associated with colleges is freedom. However, dorm life doesn't always allow students to do exactly as they please. Off-campus apartments offer a type of privacy that lacks with on-campus dorm life. Students are free to attend campus events and be immersed in campus culture when it's convenient for them.

There's also more freedom in having a larger space to decorate on your own, without having to make considerations for your roommate. Of course, if you have roommates, you'll share a common space. But in terms of your personal bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

student housing on-campus can feel cramped

5. Student apartments are more private

Dorms are the center of the sights and sounds of everything college; the on-campus events and dorm events, making the hustle and bustle of campus life a lot to take in. Not being directly on campus, off-campus student housing allows for more of an option when it comes to participating in college student events.

6. Living off-campus creates a better student experience

One of the most exciting parts of college life is exploring the surrounding city. Shops, restaurants and outside-college events are all important to developing your off-campus student life. Student apartments are normally closer to these outside venues and events, making them easier to attend.

student housing on-campus is not dog cat friendly unlike off-campus student apartments

7. Expanding your friendship options

Sure, it's easy to meet friends in a dorm. But it's even easier to meet friends in a student apartment through fun communal spaces like the pool, fitness center, business center or lounge. Here, you'll make friendships beyond what you may have in common at school. With student apartments being more dog and cat friendly, your furry friends will make connections too.

Is a student apartment best for you?

Whether or not you'd like a student apartment depends on what you're looking for. It's not on campus, so you might have to find a way to get to class every day, especially if you don't have a car or good public transportation available.

On the other hand, you'll likely have a little more privacy and you'll be free of the strict on-campus rules. It just depends on what you're after. Start your search today with Rent.

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