Where to Get Moving Boxes

You’ve signed the lease and now you can get packing. You just need the boxes. So, where do you start? You could buy new boxes, but if you’ve already paid a security deposit and first month’s rent, spending money on boxes may not be in the budget. So, where do you get free or cheap boxes for moving?

Grocery stores

If you’re wondering where to find free moving boxes, grocery stores receive shipments every day for their products. Most of the used boxes just go straight to the recycle bin after being unloaded. Contact the manager the night before, and ask if the store will keep its boxes for you.

Liquor stores

Liquor stores are another option, they receive shipments regularly as well. Even better, they receive divided boxes, for glass bottles. These are terrific for moving glassware, vases, and – of course – wine and liquor bottles.

Find a friend

Friends (or friends of friends) who have moved would love to have you take boxes off their hands. You just have to figure out who those friends are. Put out some feelers via facebook, text and phone. After you’ve finished moving, see if another friend can take the boxes off your hands.

Ask a neighbor

There are apps out there that can connect you with your neighbors. The nextdoor app is a great place to research where to get moving boxes. If one of your neighbors moved recently, they’re probably anxious to get rid of their empty boxes.

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Many people will list their moving boxes on craigslist, as available for free or for a small fee. Check out the “free” listings first, before you pay. Look for someone who’s made a residential move. That way, you’re more likely to find wardrobe and other boxes made for home moves.


Marketplace is similar to craigslist, but it’s run by facebook. The listings are not as extensive as those on craigslist, but it’s still worth looking into. Facebook’s Marketplace may be divided by county or city: it depends on your location.

Local newspaper company

Once you’ve figured out where to find moving boxes, you’ll need to protect your valuables from breaking in the truck. The local newspaper will have plenty of old newspapers. Call them ahead of time and see if they can put some old papers aside for you to pick up.

Lowe’s and Home Depot

Big-box hardware stores have entire sections dedicated to moving. You’ll find boxes of all types, packing tape, pads, and other helpful items.

Storage Centers  & Truck Rental Centers

If your budget allows, or you need special boxes like wardrobe boxes (which allow hanging of clothes on rods) then head to your neighborhood storage units or truck rental center. They’ll have all the moving supplies you could want.

Hot Tip: Always offer to pick up boxes someone has offered you; they’re likely tired from moving.

The last thing you want to do is pay a hefty price to buy new boxes when there are so many free or inexpensive options out there. Moving has many expenses tied to it, so why add moving boxes to that expense list. Use that money to decorate your new home instead. You’ll be glad you did.

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