Finding the perfect apartment isn’t easy, and you may have to skip out on some apartment amenities when you’re looking for the next place to call home. Before you start your search, it’s important to determine which apartment amenities are need-to-haves and which conveniences you can live without.


Having to lug all your dirty clothes back and forth from a laundromat is a pain. If there is a laundromat within walking distance, it may be doable, but a laundry room onsite would be much more convenient. The ultimate convenience: a washer and dryer in your unit.  


If you live alone, a dishwasher may be a convenience you can live without–but if you have a family of five, this is one apartment amenity you’ll want to make sure you have. In most new apartment complexes, dishwashers are a standard appliance, but it’s much less common in older buildings.

Outdoor Space

Not having an outdoor space is a real drag in an urban apartment. There are times you may just want to get a breath of fresh air without having to trot around your neighborhood or to a nearby park. Living in an apartment with a patio, small backyard or stoop gives you the ability to take a few steps and enjoy a crisp, cold beer outside. Some large buildings will have a shared space or courtyard area as well. If you’re across the street from a park, this convenience may not be as necessary as some others.

Keeping Cool

A pool at your complex and air conditioning in your unit may be indulgences for some, but if you live in the desert, these apartment amenities can be very important.

Fitness Center

Gym memberships can be expensive. If you love working out, but hate spending the money on a gym, a fitness center in your apartment building can be a perfect solution.


Two cars and one parking spot can be a real annoyance. If you’re a multi-car family thinking about moving into a complex with only one parking spot, be sure to scope out the neighborhood in the evening on a weeknight (when you would normally be returning home from work) to make sure there is ample street parking.

Storage Space

If you’re living in a small studio apartment, there’s a chance you’re not going to fit all of your stuff in the space. But if your rental unit has basement storage available, you’ll be able to keep your things and live in your dream pad. Make sure to talk with the landlord about the security of storage units–you don’t want to store personal possessions in a place where everyone has access to them.

Which apartment amenities do you refuse to live without?

[Photo of Casa Granada in Los Angeles, CA.]