Winter Weather Tips for a Cozy Apartment

Instead of cranking up the heat and causing your utility bill to skyrocket this season, try these apartment ideas for cozying up to the winter weather:

Snug Throw Blanket

Toss a throw blanket over the arm of your couch or chair, or store it some place where you can easily grab it when it gets chilly. You'll be happy you have a warm and fuzzy blanket to cuddle up in when you're watching a movie, studying, reading or chatting with friends.


It's time to swap out your bedding for warmer alternatives. That means taking that big heavy comforter out of storage and exchanging your current sheets for flannel ones. You'll stay nice and toasty all through the night. I know it's a chore to change your sheets, but trust me, it will be worth it (plus, it's a quick workout).

Opt for Warm Colors

Sometimes just the illusion of a warm space can make a difference in the temperature of your apartment. Switch out your throw pillows for ones in shades of yellow, orange, red or purple. Do the same with blankets, rugs and wall decor.


What better way to warm up this winter season than with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? Or apple pie? Or red velvet cupcakes? See where I'm going with this? Turn on the oven (which helps warm up a small apartment quickly) and sharpen your baking skills by whipping up all of your favorite treats. Turn it into a party by inviting friends over, or bring some sweets over to new neighbors as a way to introduce yourself.

Stop Drafts

You may not realize it, but there might be tiny cracks in between the doors and walls in your apartment. This makes it easy for cold air to rush into your apartment, which is why it's often difficult to stay warm. Keep that cold air out by stuffing an old rolled up towel at the base of the door. You can also head to the nearest hardware store and get a draft stopper.


Before you turn up the heat on your thermostat, try putting on a few more layers first. Bring your favorite chunky sweaters and sweatshirts out of storage and keep them handy.

Host a Movie Night

If the weather outside is frightful, invite a few friends over for a movie marathon. You can all cuddle up on the couch with pillows, blankets and plenty of popcorn. All that body heat will warm the apartment fast.

A Hot Beverage

Warm up quickly with a big cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee–or maybe some mulled wine. This will ward off the cold and keep your taste buds happy.

Hop in the Bath

Take a moment to relax by filling a bath with hot water and plenty of bubbles. Light some candles for a little extra warmth, grab your favorite book to read or listen to music. You'll heat up in no time and de-stress while you're at it.



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