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10.23.2018 | 2 Minute Read | By Timothy Harris

Themed snacks

One of the best parts of a World Series watch party is the food. For your event, you could get ambitious and craft your favorite team’s home-town iconic dish like a lobster roll from Boston or maybe an assortment of LA-style tacos.

Another fun idea is to let your guests decide which team to put their support behind. Consider making a tray of baseball-themed party snacks and dividing them in half between the two teams. You can add the team emblem using icing or condiments, add labels to the two trays or use pre-made decorative food toppers.

Non-sports entertainment

Most sports-watching parties have two distinct groups: those who are very interested in the game and those who aren’t. Most party-goers who aren’t so into baseball will happily sit by as the rest of the group watches the game. But wouldn’t it be so much more fun for them to have something to entertain them, too?

Consider implementing a baseball-themed party game to keep your non-sports-loving guests entertained. If the weather doesn’t allow for outside activities in your area, baseball trivia or bingo can be played inside. It’s also totally acceptable to play a movie on another TV in another room. A League Of Their Own, anyone?

An appropriate guest list

Hosting any party at an apartment can be tricky, but keeping the guest list in mind can help you navigate some of those challenges. For a successful World Series watch party, keep your guest list centered around people you can trust to be respectful of your home as well as your neighbors’. It is 100 percent possible to throw a party that won’t annoy your neighbors.

Champagne (for drinking and for popping)

Depending on you and your guests, your World Series watch party may or may not be boozy. Regardless, champagne makes a great celebratory beverage — even if you just want to see the cork fly to celebrate the big win.

Stats for the game

If you have die-hard baseball fans coming to your party, you can be a gracious host by having important stats available for your guests. Printing out copies of series’ recaps, predictions from analysts and brackets can help your guests become more engaged in the game.

There are also tons of fun printable games for the kids to play so they don’t feel left out. Get the whole gang involved!


Decorations are completely optional. A World Series party can be as simple as a carryout pizza and some of your close friends sitting around the TV watching the game. But, if you want to go all out, you can really up your party game by decorating your apartment.

Use appropriately colored streamers and party decorations, check your local party supply store for baseball-themed decor and maybe even consider putting up some balloons outside your home to mark it for your guests’ arrival.

You can even ask your guests to come dressed in team-themed clothing or their best baseball costumes. It is, after all, also Halloween season.

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