This apartment hunting timeline can help:

Several Months Before Move-In

Plan your budget two or so months before your moving date. The amount of money you can afford to spend each month will determine where you look for a place and the type of apartments you view.

[How to Determine Your Rent Budget]

Once you’ve settled on your rent budget, look for apartments and neighborhoods in your price range. Compile a list of all the units you want to view. Staying organized now will help you stick to your apartment hunting timeline.

30 to 40 Days Before Move-In

As you approach the one-month mark, start scheduling apartment tours. This gives you enough time to see multiple places, go through the paperwork process and pack (assuming you find a place you like). Call the property to schedule a tour time and don’t arrive late.

[Apartment Tour Checklist]

Bring your checkbook (in case you need to pay an application fee), references from previous landlords, a check stub (to prove you’re employed) and a photo ID. If you like certain apartment floor plans and want to fill out a rental application, expect the approval process to take one to five business days.

Take this time to start packing as well. Get rid of belongings you don’t use or need by donating or selling them.

25 to 30 Days Before Move-In

As soon as you find the right apartment for you, go ahead and start the paperwork process. A worthwhile apartment will be within your rent budget, in good condition, near public transportation (if you need it) and safe. Aside from the apartment application (which checks your credit score and eligibility), you’ll have to fill out the lease and other supporting documents.

10 to 20 Days Before Move-In

Finish up any remaining paperwork at this time. The landlord may have to process your payment, order your keys and clean the apartment before you arrive.

Finalize moving details, such as how you will transport your belongings, the time of day you want to move and who will help. Call your various service providers and inform them of your new address.

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