Holiday Apartment Decorating Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Sign

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start dreaming up new ways to decorate your apartment. To help you curate the coziest, most personalized aesthetic possible, look no further than to your very own zodiac sign for holiday apartment decorating ideas.


Aries holiday apartment decor ideas.

  • Holiday style: Festively mismatched
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: An abundance of holiday candles
  • Colors: Reds, silver and gold accents
  • Lights: Multicolored
  • Seasonal scent: Mulled wine
  • Decorating anthem: “Run, Run Rudolph" by Kelly Clarkson
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: "A Christmas Story"

Nobody thrives off the hustle and bustle of the holiday season more than an Aries. The rush towards the end of the year ignites this cardinal fire sign into indulging all things whimsy, bright and bold.

Fast-paced and fearless, Aries signs have one motto when it comes to holiday decorating, “go big or go home." Expect this sign to incorporate the color red and all its bodacious shades in nearly everything. From the vintage crimson candelabras on the dining table to the contemporary burgundy and gold-trimmed tree skirt to the pop art-inspired candy apple red Christmas tree topper — it doesn't get merrier than an Aries' festive and mismatched approach to holiday apartment decorating ideas

In addition to decorating with red-colored glasses on, Aries love building up a robust holiday candle collection. As a fire sign, this comes as no surprise. Candles also make great housewarming gifts for any Aries that invites you over to experience their holiday-ready apartment — just make sure to tie it up in a red bow!


Taurus holiday apartment decor ideas.

  • Holiday style: Modern earthy
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Pinecones
  • Colors: Creams, gold and emerald accents
  • Lights: White
  • Seasonal scent: Cedarwood
  • Decorating anthem: “My Favorite Things" by Julie Andrews
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “Home Alone"

Strong-willed and resilient, Taurus signs take after their respective symbolic figure: the Bull. Although this earth sign is known for routine and stability, Taureans also live for opulence — making the holiday season a perfect time for Taurus' to indulge.

Ruled by Venus, Taureans experience the world through the five senses. Additionally, as one of the most grounded astrological signs, Taurus signs look to elements of the natural world for their holiday aesthetic. Expect this sign to incorporate a lot of nature into its holiday décor. Classic wreaths hanging from every door, tablescapes made out of fresh pine branches and centerpieces filled with chestnuts and pinecones are just a few ways this sign will let nature sing throughout their apartment this season.

All in all, a Taurus won't know peace during the holidays until they put their most beloved treasures out and on display a la Julie Andrews' classic, “My Favorite Things." Whether it's using vintage glassware for a dinner party or adding golden lush throw pillows on the living room couch, Taureans live to show off their favorite things.


Gemini holiday apartment decor ideas.

  • Holiday style: Kitschy retro
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Christmas classics on vinyl
  • Colors: Yellows, hunter green and red accents
  • Light: Multicolored
  • Seasonal scent: Sweet ginger
  • Decorating anthem: “Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Curious and clever, Gemini's celebrate the holiday season on their own terms. However, thanks to the extroverted nature of this air sign, Gemini's see this time of year as an excellent opportunity to gather friends and family and cheers over spiked eggnog.

Although Gemini's often have a futuristic aesthetic, when it comes to holiday apartment decorating ideas, this sign loves showing off retro finds like an original copy from 1974 of the Waltons' Christmas Album on vinyl or hand-painted Santa Claus mugs from the 1940s. Unafraid to play with color, Gemini's will make their Christmas tree the centerpiece of their apartment and adorn it with a rainbow collection of quirky ornaments in all shapes and sizes.

While this sign often gets a bad rap for being too self-focused, Gemini's thrive when hosting others. Since no one does kitschy Christmas better than a Gemini, count yourself lucky if you get invited to any holiday parties hosted by this playful sign. Chances are high that they'll get you rocking around their quirky Christmas tree in no time.


holiday apartment decor ideas for cancer signs

  • Holiday style: Hygge
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Chunky knit blankets
  • Colors: Plaids, creams and navy blue accents
  • Lights: Warm white
  • Seasonal scent: Fresh baked sugar cookies
  • Decorating anthem: “Christmas Makes Me Cry" by Kacey Musgraves
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “The Family Stone"

As the most maternal sign in the zodiac, it's no surprise that Cancers warmly embrace the holidays — especially if they can celebrate their favorite parts of the season from the comfort of their own home. No other zodiac sign resonates more with the “there's no place like home for the holidays" sentiment.

Ruled by the moon, Cancers excel at curating cozy and highly personalized home sanctuaries. Don't be surprised if Cancers add their bedroom into the mix for holiday decorating. Whether they're dressing up their bed with a winter white handknit blanket or they're rolling out a faux-fur throw in front of their Christmas tree and fireplace, expect this watery sign to lean heavily into lush fabrics as part of their holiday apartment aesthetic.

While Cancers astrologically represent self-care, these crabs transcend when nurturing others. During the holidays, Cancers will gladly anchor themselves to their kitchen in order to perfect their sugar cookie recipe because, in the eyes of a Cancer, nothing is more sentimental than a handmade, carefully crafted gift.


holiday apartment decor ideas for leo signs

  • Holiday style: Maximalist
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: An oversized mirror
  • Colors: Patterns, textures and lots of accent colors
  • Lights: Whatever color ignites a flame in their heart
  • Signature holiday apartment scent: Rosemary
  • Holiday decorating anthem: “All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “White Christmas"

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, the always theatrical Leos really roll out the red carpet. This spirited fire sign likes to turn the dial up when it comes to just about everything and this season is no exception.

Just like this sign's ruler, the sun, Leos relish in dazzling and shocking themselves (and others, sometimes) through their apartment décor. Expect animal prints and vibrant colors in places you least expect, like a leopard print table runner in the dining room, a dramatic black floating candle centerpiece on a coffee table or a neon pink flamingo tree topper. And since Leos will already have many on hand, don't be surprised when they opt to hang an oversized mirror dolled up with tinsel close to their Christmas tree so they can watch themselves experiencing the festivities of the season!

While this fire sign takes holiday revelry to an extreme, it's important to note that Leos radiate creativity in their merriment. This sign thrives when they can sprinkle in a little bit of their own joie de vivre into their surroundings.


Virgo holiday apartment decor ideas.

  • Holiday style: Traditional
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Garland
  • Colors: Dark earth tones, rich green and red accents
  • Lights: White
  • Seasonal scent: Balsam
  • Decorating anthem: “12 Days of Christmas" by Pentatonix
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “It's A Wonderful Life"

If any sign of the zodiac yearns for a classic Christmas — it's Virgo. These practical perfectionists love meticulously decorating their homes during the holidays in hopes of creating a picturesque scene out of a Christmas movie.

Since this earth sign operates in the land of hyper-awareness to detail, most Virgo holiday apartment décor ideas center around simple details that tie everything together. Like peppering plaid bows around an entryway, lighting up a mantle or bookshelf with olive garland or adding ivory white candlesticks. Additionally, expect Virgos to use its impeccable organization skills to keep their holiday decorating orderly and uncluttered.

Governed by Mercury, this earth sign also lives for luxury. However, luxury to Virgos means prioritizing quality over quantity. This belief makes Virgos excellent gift-givers — but only if they can get out of their own head first. Thanks to deep roots in the material world, Virgo signs thrive when scrupulously searching for meaningful gifts for those a part of their holiday plans.


Libra holiday apartment decor ideas.

  • Holiday style: Art deco meets industrial
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: A dining table centerpiece
  • Colors: Greys, metal and wood accents
  • Lights: White
  • Seasonal scent: Frankincense
  • Decorating anthem: “Happy Xmas (War is Over)" by John Lennon
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “The Holiday"

Ruled by Venus, Libra signs live for showing off their innate sense of aesthetic and deep appreciation for art and design. This cardinal air sign sees the holiday season as the last hurrah of the year, which isn't surprising because Libras are widely considered as one of the most social and aesthetically-pleasing signs in the zodiac.

Since this sign values balance and harmony (its zodiac symbol is a scale, after all), Libras know just how to show off their exquisite taste without going overboard, as a fire sign might. Expect Libras to choose a central holiday decorating theme and carry it through their entire apartment. For example, this air sign might only feature grey and ivory frosted glass ornaments on their Christmas tree and then carry that color scheme over to their dining table with a stark black table cloth, ivory silverware and grey frosted vintage drinking goblets. Also, bank on Libras tying fresh flower arrangements of paperwhites or winter peonies into their holiday apartment décor ideas.

Ultimately, no matter how they curate their home space for the holidays, it's typical for Libras to find inspiration in high art. Don't worry though — this friendly sign is anything but pretentious. Libras have an outstanding reputation for being generous and welcoming, even if their apartment resembles a chic art gallery.


MIstletoe makes a great holiday apartment decoration idea.

  • Holiday style: Rebellious minimalism
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Mistletoe
  • Colors: Cool blacks and blues, ivory, gray and green accents
  • Lights: Multicolored
  • Seasonal scent: Dark chocolate
  • Decorating anthem: “Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)" by The Ramones
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

It's important to know that Scorpios are one of the most likely astrological signs to say “bah humbug" to the holiday season. While this sign, represented by a scorpion, is not totally opposed to decking the halls this time of year, Scorpios rather celebrate the season on their own terms.

Instead of committing to traditional holiday apartment decorating ideas, Scorpios find the most joy decorating for the holidays with dark colors, like deep blues and blacks, and shiny metallics. Additionally, this passionate water sign, ruled by Pluto, may completely opt-out of having a traditional Christmas tree. Alternative options like ladders or wooden tree-shaped mobiles make great alternatives to hang baubles and vintage ornaments from.

Words like sexy and sensual often float around Scorpios, so expect this water sign to adorn doorways with mistletoe as a wink and a nod to their seductive nature. Plus, since Scorpios often gravitate towards broody colors in their home space — the greenery of the mistletoe adds a subtle yet seasonal touch.


Cheers to sagitarrius

  • Holiday style: Modern and muted
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Golden ball garland
  • Colors: Creamy neutrals and muted browns, rusted metallic and dark accents
  • Lights: White
  • Seasonal scent: Peppermint
  • Decorating anthem: “Winter Wonderland" by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: "The Santa Clause"

Quick-witted and optimistic, Sagittarians light up any room they walk into. This fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is known for being an adventurous risk-taker. However, while their effervescent personality will surely sparkle throughout the holidays, their choice of holiday apartment decorating ideas won't.

Since Sagittarius signs radiate a natural glow, decorating for the holidays with neutrals is a perfect way to compliment their personality. Cream-colored wall garland and sandy throw blankets will add a soft touch near any Christmas tree. Additionally, expect these movers and shakers to throw in shades of gold on the Christmas tree as a subtle nod to their fiery spirit.

Having space to experience life is important to Sagittarians, so expect this mutable sign to leave plenty of room in their apartment — even with added holiday décor. Without a doubt, the extroverted archer (the symbol for Sagittarius) has a plan for hosting a holiday wine tasting party, a co-worker cookie swap or an all-night Christmas dance party with that extra space.


Capricorn lantern decorating idea.

  • Holiday style: Minimal/Scandinavian
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Lanterns or hurricane candle holders
  • Colors: Light woods and grays, charcoal and hunter green accents
  • Lights: White
  • Seasonal scent: Pine
  • Decorating anthem: "Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “A Charlie Brown Christmas"

It's no wonder Capricorns warmly embrace the wintertime — the winter solstice occurs during Capricorn season. This cardinal earth sign deeply connects with the holiday season as an opportunity to relish the joys of life, big and small.

Known for having a refined taste, Capricorns love taking inspiration from the natural world. Expect this sign to opt for lots of garlands, wreaths, light wood figurines and paper garland and ornaments galore. Also, Capricorns will bring a lot of light into their space this time of year — lanterns, star-shaped paper lights and a plethora of candles help this sign enjoy the festivities.

While some think Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, is too serious about their home décor — these signs just like to make sure everything is high quality and purposeful. Out of all the signs, it's guaranteed that Capricorns have an unparalleled sensibility — even during one of the most magical times of the year.


Aquatic blue Christmas decorations.

  • Holiday style: Cool
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Mini ceramic trees
  • Colors: Aquatic blues and whites, smoky wood and metallic accents
  • Lights: Blue, purple or multi
  • Seasonal scent: Citrus
  • Decorating anthem: “Candy Cane Lane" by Sia
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

Nothing about an Aquarius is predictable — including their holiday apartment decorating ideas. This air sign marches to its own beat and loves expressing itself creatively, which is why Aquarius signs take a less than traditional approach towards decking the halls.

Co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, this is a highly innovative sign. During the holidays, Aquarians enjoy pushing the envelope with unexpected color palettes — so it's no surprise to see this sign use aqua-toned lights on their tree. These darker tones will make white and metallic ornaments pop. Additionally, hand-crafted vases and ceramic mini Christmas trees dusted in a metallic glaze make exceptional holiday accessories for Aquarian folk.

Since this air sign values collaboration, expect a cohesive and inviting aesthetic throughout all holiday apartment decorating ideas. Although this water-bearing sign loves to stray from the norm, it knows exactly how to put an individual twist on the holiday season.

"Aquarius may be considered the rebel of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean there isn't holiday cheer. It just will be very unique cheer! Think clean and contemporary = cool! LED string lights that may even be used year round, vintage silver statement Christmas trees or sleek metal Menorahs help this sign celebrate the season in a unique way. For an Aquarian, it's all about bold individuality that brings everyone joy!" says Minnesota designer and artist Kate Barnett of Dark Entries Design.


Bohemian Christmas tree.

  • Holiday style: Bohemian
  • Holiday apartment décor must-have: Feathers
  • Colors: Soft grays, creams and lilacs, silver and gold accents
  • Lights: Multi
  • Seasonal scent: Sandalwood
  • Decorating anthem: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Phoebe Bridgers
  • Holiday movie most likely on in the background: "Miracle on 34th Street"

As the dreamiest sign of the zodiac, Pisces often have a hard time separating fantasy from reality. This water sign, ruled by Neptune, is otherworldly and loves all things whimsical — so it's no surprise that these idealistic fish adore mixing boho and whimsy holiday décor trends.

Expect this sign, the last in the zodiac, to fully commit to a Christmas tree aesthetic that closely resembles a magical fairyland. Expect fluffy feathers and glitter-encrusted ornaments alongside pearled garland, maybe even some tinsel. Pisces love playing with texture, too — so don't be surprised when macrame and pampas grass become staples for this fish.

The always sensitive and wistful Pisces loves nothing more than losing themselves in the nostalgia of Christmas past. Classic Christmas songs and cultural and family traditions deeply move these mystical fish. Pisces beware though — it's all fun and games until they get swept away by a tide of holiday sentimentalism.

Joy to the zodiac

Whether you're a believer in all things astrological or not — looking to the celestial is fun. No matter your sign or how you decorate your apartment for the holidays, make sure you leave time to celebrate and enjoy the season — after all, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

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